The LR Barn Dance/ Ceilidh Band ref: 6218.2

The LR Barn Dance/ Ceilidh Band

This band can cater for Barn Dances & Ceilidhs, or provide foot-stomping musical entertainment for parties & weddings, pubs & social clubs, folk clubs, banquets, Irish & Scottish theme parties etc. Barn dances & ceilidhs with the LR Band are strictly for fun & for those who don’t want to take it all too seriously! No previous experience is required as they have an excellent caller & none of the dances are too complicated. The caller does a thorough explanation & practice walk-through for you before each dance.

Songs or tunes are performed between dances to allow everyone to get their breath back.

With use of a special technique on an arranger keyboard, this small band sound like a 5 piece band, but without the price tag that goes with it. If required, they can come with an optional fiddle player( then they sound like a 6 piece band ).

Tracks are of the 2 piece band.


The best ceilidh I’ve ever been to! Thank you so much for the great night - everyone really enjoyed themselves.
Thank you so much for Saturday night. The music was pitched perfectly and made for a wonderful evening.
The Barn Dance was brilliant - everything we’d hoped for and more!