Weddings & Parties around Gloucester City, Gloucestershire

The Midsummer Music Agency and Its Original String Quartet, the Midsummer String Quartet and Ceilidh Band, the Ringerike Ceilidh Band based in the conjugation of the three counties, with some of their musicians living Gloucestershire, others in Herefordshire and still others in Worcestershire. Gloucestershire is one of the counties in which the string quartet and Ceilidh band played for its first weddings many years ago. Below are listed just a few of the more recent parties and weddings that are music groups have played for.

The Severn Valley from Tewkesbury to the sea starts in hilly country, then flattens out towards the estuary. Its shifting sands and flat grasslands seem in many places to have more seabirds and geese than people. But in the middle of the valley is the ancient and solid city of Gloucester—a busy manufacturing centre, with a hard-working port and a fine cathedral. East of the city the land rises towards the wooded slopes of the Cotswold Hills.

Gloucester was a meeting place of Roman roads and a rich agricultural centre in Roman times; but in the 6th century the Saxons destroyed the Roman buildings and routed the Christian communities of the West and Wales. Gloucester's new civilisation did not start until Ethelbert ruled in Kent. There is a suggestion, based on a passage by the Venerable Bedc, that St Augustine travelled to Gloucestershire to meet the British bishops at Aust. As a result, the Christian faith regained its strength and the county became rich in abbeys and churches.


This bustling manufacturing and market centre was once the Roman fortified town of Glevum, for centuries guardian of the routes to Wales that converged at the lowest crossing-point of the Severn. There are several interesting medieval buildings, including the New Inn, Fleece Inn and the 16th-century Greyfriars ruin.

But Gloucester is more of a commercial centre than a tourist attraction. The opening of the canal between Gloucester and Sharpness in 1827 made the city an important inland port.

The cathedral's east window measures Harp - Audrey ref: 2072 ft by 38 ft, and its area of stained glass is the largest in the country after York Minster's. It was made c. 1350 to commemorate Edward Ill's victory at the Battle of Crecy in 1344.

"Large hall, Stroud Road, Gloucester " GL1 5LJ

70th Birthday Celebration The Ringerike Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4003.2

St Barnabas Church Hall, Stroud Road, Gloucester, GL1 5LJ

St Barnabas is a C of E parish Church, an impressive relatively modern building, a well-known floodlit landmark adjacent to the a 38 road.

Mother's 60th Birthday & Halloween The Ringerike Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4003.2

Stonehouse Court Hotel, Bristol Road, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, GL10 3RA

Stonehouse Court is magnificent 17th century manor house hotel adjacent the canal with attractive gardens and lawns that are perfect for the string quartet to play during the wedding. The large and modern banqueting room is also an ideal place to hold a ceilidh or barn dance.

Wedding The Ringerike 4 piece Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4003.3

Stroud, GL10 3RY

Wedding The Ringerike 4 piece Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4003.3

Eastington Park, Eastington, Nr Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, GL10 3RY

the ceremony room, with a grand fireplace and sweeping bay windows need to string quartet to take full advantage of the room splendour. Ceremony normally takes place in the bay window, there's room for the string quartet to one side. Alternatively the string quartet can position themselves at the back of the room.

The park dates from 1815 and was built by a local mill owner. Other families who lived in the house also and their fortunes through industry and commerce rather than inheriting money by privilege and patronage. The property was sold to Gloucestershire County Council in 1946 to be used as nursing home, when after the Second World War the family could no longer afford the upkeep. It transferred to an events company and wedding venue as recently as 2011.

Wedding The MS Flute & String Quartet ref: 2001.2

Stroud GL10 3RY

Wedding The Ringerike 4 piece Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4003.3

Frocester Lodge, Bath Road, Frocester, Stonehouse GL10 3TG

wedding Ringerike 5 piece Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4003.1

"Uley Gloucestershire" GL11 5BZ

50th birthday and 25th wedding anniversary The STC Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4318.2

Long Down House, Ashmead Green, Cam, Dursley, Gloucestershire. GL11 5HJ

SURPRISE 60th birthday The FW Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4739

Nibley House , North Nibley, Gloucestershire. GL11 6DL

Wedding The MS Flute & String Quartet ref: 2001.2

Apple Tree Farm, Waterley Bottom, North Nibley , Dursley,GLOS. GL11 6EG

21st Birthday Party The FW Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4739


This old market town on the edge of the Cotswolds has some fine old buildings including a 14th-century school and a

"Bowcott, Upper Rushmire, Wotton-under-Edge " GL12 7PT

30th Birthday party The LR Barn Dance/ Ceilidh Band ref: 6218.2

Eastwood Park, Falfield. Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire. GL12 8DA

magnificent venue situated in 200 acres of countryside, the formal gardens are an ideal location for the wedding drinks reception and photographs, accompanied by a string quartet. Ceremony room features to tall curtained windows, with space for a string quartet in front of one of the windows.

Wedding The MS Flute & String Quartet ref: 2001.2