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Kent is something of a problem for anyone wanting to hire a music group. Not that there is any less a concentration per square mile of string quartets, jazz bands and ceilidh bands available to book for your wedding anniversary or birthday party, it is simply a matter of geometry. I guess I should say geological geometry. Go get yourself a map of Kent and a compass. Stick the point into Margate and draw a circle. Now think of it, as the circular drawing sweeps through Eastbourne to Dartford, it sweeps through an arc of about 40°. If you had a radar scanner in Margate that detected musicians, it would show blips as it found a jazz band here, a string quartet there, and many Ceilidh bands. That would be much the same as any 30° sweep of the radar in any part of the lower half of England. But wait for that are to head off into the North Sea, and into the English Channel passing France and eventually back to Eastbourne. What would your radar scanner detect? Just fish! Sure enough there would be some supertankers thundering past, containerships and fishing vessels, but you don't get many string quartets on these. You might pick up a cruise ship heading for Southampton, and sure enough this is likely to have a lot of musicians on board, there to entertain the 4 to 6000 guests that these leviathans carry, but they're hardly likely to leap into a rowing boat to come to your birthday party. So, if you want to hire a band for your event, only that 40° sweep is going to find you bands and the other hundred and 40° isn't going to offer you any bands at all.

This is a problem in any peninsular, whether it is Cornwall and Devon, or Pembrokeshire, the effect is the same. In truth, any coastal location at best has 50% of the musicians available to hire compared with a central inland location. Perhaps it's just as well that musicians often seem to like the beauty of the seaside, which makes the actual statistics a little less dire. So the lesson to be learned from this, is that if you want to hire a jazz band or a string quartet for your wedding or birthday party, get it booked up along way in advance, because music groups are not as easy to come by in your part of the country.

The Kent and Sussex shores have been the 'Gateway to England' through the centuries, and still bear the signs of successive waves of invaders. The Romans under Aulus Plautius landed there in AD 43 and left behind them the closest concentration of Roman shore-castles in Britain; their ruins survive today, sometimes incorporated in medieval castles. The Anglo-Saxons under Hengist and Horsa landed on this coast and later the Cinque Ports were created to stave off Danish intruders. The Normans landed there too, and set up a girdle of mighty fortresses such as those at Rochester, Dover and Canterbury.

Against this historic tapestry of war, the coast today has the longest stretch of holiday resorts in Britain. By contrast, the shoreline has also the lonely north Kent marshes, the windswept Isle of Sheppey, and the great empty acres of Pevensey Levels and Romney Marsh, where sheep graze among lonely churches. Along the shore of Romney Marsh were the secret landing-places of 18th-century smugglers, who took cargoes of brandy, tobacco, silk and lace far inland by secret forest tracks.

Westgate Hall Westgate Hall Rd, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2BT , CT1 2BT, Kent


Live music booked for Wedding Reception - William and Lucille The CX Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4602

Canterbury Catherdral Lodge, CT1 2EH, Kent


Live music booked for Wedding The SM Ceilidh Band ref: 6580

The city of Canterbury, cradle of Christianity in Saxon England, stands on a site that had already been occupied for 350 years when the Romans arrived there in AD 43. Advancing westwards from their landing point on the south side of Pegwell Bay, they found a settlement of the Belgae tribe at a key crossing point on the River Stour, and turned it into their encampment fortress of Durovernum.

The long grey cathedral that dominates the city is the Mother Church of Anglicans throughout the world. It dates from Norman times, and for 350 years after the murder of Thomas Becket in the cathedral in 1170 it was the destination of countless pilgrims. An ancient trackway dating from pre-Roman times runs along the high ridge of the North Downs. Traditionally the route has become known as the Pilgrims' Way, though modern historians doubt whether medieval pilgrims really used this route to travel from Winchester to Canterbury. Today the track is part of a long-distance footpath, the North Downs Way, and from its heights there is a wide view of rich pasture and cornfields northwards towards the coast on one side, and hops and orchards southwards through the Weald on the other.

Cathedral LodgeCanterbury Cathedral The Precincts Canterbury Kent, CT1 2EH, Kent


Canterbury Cathedral Loadge, Kent & Canterbury Hospital Doctors' Mess The ER Jazz Trio ref: 6027

The Pavilion, Broadstairs, Kent, Broadstairs Pavilion Harbour Street, Broadstairs, Kent, CT10 1EU, Kent


Live music booked for Wedding The RP Party / Covers Band ref: 5908

Broadstairs is a popular residential and holiday resort, with several miles of sand in small bays beneath chalk cliffs, and an old town, with buildings round the jetty, that recalls Dickensian days. Bleak House, named after the novel, is where Dickens lived while he was writing David Copper-field. The town holds a Dickens Festival in mid-June. From the North Foreland lighthouse, i^ miles north, there is a good view of ships entering or leaving the Thames Estuary.

Salton Manor East Langdon, Kent,, CT15 5JB, Kent


Live music booked for Wedding The VM String Quartet ref: 2083

The Thatched BarnGreat Farthingloe Farm Folkestone Road Dover, CT15 7AA, Kent


50th Birthday party The CX Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4602

Much of Dover has been rebuilt since the Second World War. It is an efficient port now, with handsomely built modern passenger terminals. Up by the castle, in what is left of old Dover, is a splendid park, a reminder of quieter and slower days.

The great castle was built by the Normans in the I2th century, using Roman foundation stones. They left intact the stone Roman pharos, or lighthouse—the earliest in Britain— which still stands today as a survivor of the Roman walled city of Dubris. The road to Canterbury still follows the route of the Roman Watling Street.

Grabble Mill, at River, two miles north-west of Dover, is a watermill that was built during the Napoleonic Wars to grind flour for the local garrison. It was recently restored to working order.


Alkham Village Hall Hogbrook Hill Lane, Alkham , CT15 7BZ, Kent


Live music booked for Wedding - Gemma and Arved The HR Ceilidh/ Barn Dance Band ref: 4989.1

The Old Kent BarnSmersole Farm, Swingfield, Dover, CT15 7HF, Kent


Live music booked for Wedding - Samantha and Michael The TDS Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 6497

Ramada DoverSingledge Ln Dover Whitfield , CT16 3EL, Kent


Premium & Luxury Cruise Expo Dinner The AV Duo ref: 2508

Dover, CT17 9RU, Kent


Live band hired for Wedding The TD Covers Band ref: 5406

Grand Hotel The Leas, Folkestone , CT20 2XL, Kent


Live band hired for Wedding Reception - Reuben and Claire The BC Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 6525.1

Folkestone is one of the most lovable of Britain's seaside resorts, and one of the prettiest. The Old Town is a picturesque harbour

area with narrow cobbled streets, and the harbour is still a working harbour for cross-Channel steamers and fishing boats. The Leas, a beautifully laid-out cliff walk, is ablaze with colour whenever flowers can bloom.

In the Church of St Mary is a window in memory of William Harvey, the man who discovered how blood circulates, who was born in Folkestone in 1578. To the east is The Warren, a rugged landslip basin between high cliffs and the water's edge, with rare plants, hundreds of trees and shrubs, and fossils. From The Warren there are cliff paths eastwards to Dover.

Lympne Castle, The Street, Lympne, Kent, , CT21 4LQ, Kent


Live band hired for Wedding Reception REMOVED FROM SITE ref: 6069.1

The name Lympne is a corruption of the Roman name Lemanis, and this village was once a port used by the legions occupying the fortress now called Stutfall Castle, a ruin on high ground to the south. There is a 13th-century church with a massive Norman tower. The little airfield, a ferry terminus for planes to France, is now called Ashford Airport, though Ashford is 10 miles away.

Bluebell HouseThe Coppice, New Road, Saltwood, Hythe, Kent , CT21 4QE, Kent


70th Birthday - Christine  The RJ Ceilidh Band ref: 6602

Imperial Hotel, Princes Parade, Hythe, Kent, , CT21 6AE, Kent


Live band hired for Wedding The FC Ceilidh Band ref: 4350

Marleybrook House Stourmouth Road, Preston, CANTERBURY, Kent, CT3 1HP, Kent


Live band hired for Wedding - Kathryn and Lewis The SQ String Quartet ref: 6373

Hythe (there is another town of the same name in Kent), is a charming little town which reached its moment of importance as a Cinque Port and has been content since to rest and live well. There are attractive winding lanes and old houses perched on the hillside.

The crypt of St Leonard's Church contains a macabre mystery in the form of 2000 human skulls and 8000 thigh bones which scientists say are of a different type from any found in Britain except in London's Spitalfields market. The Spitalfields' bones are of Roman date, while the Hythe bones date from 1200-1400. Furthermore, these Hythe people were 3 in. shorter than the average for Englishmen.

Hythe today has a sea-front which is pleasant in good weather, but rough when the gales blow and the sea comes over the top. Through the town runs the Royal Military Canal, built to guard against Napoleon's expected invasion in the loth century. The canal, lined in the town with trees and flowers, is popular for fishing, and a water pageant is held on it each year.

At Saltwood, i mile north, arc the ruins of an early Norman castle which was damaged by an earthquake in the late 16th century. The four knights who murdered Thomas Becket stayed at the castle on the night before the crime.

Rising Sun East Stourmouth The Rising Sun, The Street, East Stourmouth, Canterbury Kent , CT3 1HY, Kent


60th Birthday Party The LT Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4541.2

Canterbury's first cathedral was built in AD 597, when St Augustine arrived from Rome in the Saxon town of Cant-wara-byrig—'the borough of the men of Kent'—to baptise King Ethelbert of Kent and so pave the way for the conversion of all England to Christianity. Nothing survives today of the cathedral that Augustine built, though there is Saxon as well as Norman work

Goodnestone Park GardensKent, , CT3 1PL, Kent


Weddding The SB String Quartet ref: 2538

Knowlton Court, Canterbury, Kent. , CT3 1PT, Kent


Live band hired for Wedding The AP String Quartet ref: 2995.1



Polo Farm Sports Club, Littlebourne Road, Canterbury , CT3 4AF, Kent


Retirement The AQ Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 6533

Elbridge Hill House, Stodmarsh Road, Littlebourne, Canterbury., CT34AU, Kent


Celebration of son's wedding The JF Jazz Quartet ref: 3283.2

Shephards Close Patrixbourne , CT4 5HQ, Kent


Family joint Birthday Gathering  The VE Wind trio ref: 6079

Charlton Park Charlton Place, Charlton Park, Bishopsbourne, Canterbury, Kent , CT4 5JA, Kent


Live band hired for Wedding - Julia and Andy  The FR Barn Dance / Ceilidh Band ref: 4565

Bishopsbourne is a pretty village in the Stour Valley. The novelist Joseph Conrad lived in what is now the rectory, from 1919 until his death m 1924.

Swarling Manor,  Petham, Canterbury, Kent, , CT4 5QW, Kent

they call this the hidden wedding venue. All very romantic and beautiful for your marriage ceremony and wedding reception, but do give some thought to the musicians who have to try and find the place. Make sure that you have checked that they have the correct postcode and know how to get there, the last thing you want is for them to be driving around the countryside lost rather than playing for you. This is a 75 acre, privately owned 18th-century estate with a magnificent Manor house is a focal point. So the gardens are a natural location for the string quartet to play, and there is a gazebo to shelter them from strong sun or a sudden shower. In the winter, and probably in some notoriously cold British summers, there is a restored barn which is just perfect for a jazz band or barn dance band.


Live band hired for Wedding The BF String Quartet ref: 2665

Petham Village HallPetham Canterbury, CT4 5RD, Kent


Retirement celebration The BS Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4873

Kingston Barn,Kingston, Near Canterbury, Kent, CT4 6JB, Kent


Live band hired for Wedding Reception The FR Barn Dance / Ceilidh Band ref: 4565

Lower Hardres Village Hall -Hardres Court Road, Street End, Lower Hardres, , CT4 7AL, Kent


Live band hired for Wedding party The KH Jazz Band ref: 3577.1

Godmersham & Crundale Village Hall, Bruton, Somerset , CT4 7DR,


Live band hired for Wedding reception evening entertainment The FR Barn Dance / Ceilidh Band ref: 4565

76 New House Lane, Canterbury Kent, CT47BJ, Kent


birthday for father's 81st birthday The SHS Jazz Band ref: 6022

East Quay Whitstable Harbour, Whitstable, Kent , CT5 1AB, Kent


Live band hired for Wedding - Fred and Emma Ella & her Jazz Band ref: 3046.3

Seasalter Christian Centre, Faversham Road, Seasalter, Kent. , CT5 4AX, Kent

  this is a very spacious, modern community centre that hosts all sorts of community activities, not just the community barn dance referred to below, but at activities and fellowship activities.

Community Barn Dance with Fish and Chip Supper The HR Ceilidh/ Barn Dance Band ref: 4989.1

Reculver & Beltinge Memorial Hall149 Reculver Road, BELTINGE , CT6 6PL, Kent


Golden Wedding Anniversary - Richard  and Mary  The HR Ceilidh/ Barn Dance Band ref: 4989.1

St Martin in Herne Parish Institute Hall Herne street. Herne, CT6 7HE, Kent


Hen party barn dance  The SM Ceilidh Band ref: 6580

St Augustine's Westgate on Sea125 Canterbury Road, Westgate-on-Sea Kent, CT8 8NL, Kent


50th Wedding Anniversary - Jean and Jide The HE String Quartet ref: 2038

Westgate on Sea, more sedate, has two sandy bays.

St Augustines, 125 Cantebury Road, Westgate on Sea, Kent, , CT8 8NL, Kent


Live band hired for Wedding The AM String Quartet ref: 2008

Walpole Bay Hotel Fifth Avenue, Margate , CT9 2JJ, Kent


Live band hired for Wedding - Alistair and Claire The TDS Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 6497

Margate was where the first bathing machines were used, as early as the middle of the 18th century when the town was called 'Bartholomew Fair by the Sea'.

Salmestone Grange,Nash Road, Margate, Kent,, CT9 4BX, Kent


Live music booking for Wedding reception for Becky & Ben The TL Covers Duo ref: 6068

Leisure Centre, Craylands Lane, Swanscombe, Kent. , DA10 0LP, Kent


Civic Night The KF Barn Dance / Ceilidh Band ref: 4522.1

Three fragments of a human skull found in a gravel pit at Swanscombe in 1035 and 1955 are thought to date back 200,000 years—making it one of the oldest skulls found in Europe. The site of the 'dig' is not open to the public. The 12th-century church has bricks from Roman times and a partly pre-Conquest tower, though late-igth-cen-tury restoration makes it difficult to detect the earlier parts of the building.

The Meadowroom The Street, Cobham, Kent , DA12 3BZ, Kent


Live music booking for Wedding - Flora and Michael The BC Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 6525.1

Meopham Village Hall, Meopham Kent, DA13 0AT, Kent


50th Birthday part The SP Barn Dance / Ceilidh Band ref: 4312

Southfleet Village Hall Dale Road, Southfleet, Kent , DA13 9NX, Kent


50th Birthday The LT Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4541.2

St Johns Church Church Road, Sidcup , DA14 6BX, Kent


Charity Barn Dance (The Rob Knox Foundation)  The KF Barn Dance / Ceilidh Band ref: 4522.2

Trinity Church of England School, Belvedere Erith Road, Belvedere, KENT , DA17 6HT, Kent


Mr Collins Retirement Party  The KF Barn Dance / Ceilidh Band ref: 4522.2

The Brent Old Boys Social Club Dewlands Industrial Estate London Road Dartford , DA2 6AS, Kent


Joint 50th birthday party  The TL Covers Duo ref: 6068

The Dartford Tunnel was opened in 1963 and increased the summer population of this coast by making it easier to reach by car or coach from the Midlands

Bexley Park Sports and Social Club Calvert Drive, Dartford , DA2 7GA, Kent


Surprise 60th Birthday Party - Richard The RR Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 6513

Medway Rugby Club Priestfields, ROCHESTER, Kent., ME1 3AD, Kent


Joint 70th birthday party  The FR Barn Dance / Ceilidh Band ref: 4565

The cathedral city of Rochester figures in the works uf Charles Dickens, under its own and other names, more often than any other place except London. The cathedral was founded by the Saxon King Ethelbert, but the present building is Norman.

Knowle Road Recreation Ground The Recreation Ground, Knowle Rd, Wouldham, Kent, ME1 3XB, Kent


Village Barn Dance  The KF Barn Dance / Ceilidh Band ref: 4522.2

Playing Fields South Avenue Infants School 17-19 East Street, Sittingbourne, ME10 4BQ, Kent


Staff Barbecue and party The FR Rock/Pop/Party Band ref: 5939

Kingshill BarnElmley Nature Reserve Sheppey Kent, ME12 3RW, Kent


Live music booking for Wedding The RP Party / Covers Band ref: 5908

Kent Life,Lock Lane, Sandling, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 3AU, Kent


Live music booking for Wedding Reception for Linda & Ersen The HY Jazz Trio ref: 6188

Maidstone is a busy market town which was already an active settlement as the original Med-destane of the Domesday Book, when its chief activities were flour mills, eel fisheries and crystallising salt in primitive iron pans. There are trees, gardens and riverside walks alongside the Medway, on which cabin cruisers from Tonbridge glide peacefully downstream to Allington Lock. There is a museum of carriages opposite the 14th-century palace that was a residence for Archbishops of Canterbury until 1538. All Saints' Church is the largest in Kent. Bank Street, by the town hall, is a shopping area with guild signs displayed above ancient premises.

Tudor Park Golf Resort, Marriott hotel, Ashford Road, Bearsted Kent , ME14 4NQ, Kent


Live music booking for Wedding of Amy & Clifford Joe - Jazz pianist ref: 3845.1

Ashford has a shopping centre which still has many medieval houses despite an expanding industrial area, based originally on the railway workshops. It is a central point

for visiting numerous attractive villages. Godinton House, 2 miles north-west, has curved gables, stands in a park and dates from 1628.

Tudor park marriot hotel and country club Bearsted Kent , ME14 4NQ, Kent


Live music booking for Wedding - Kelsey and Adem Harp - Luisa ref: 2804

Tudor Park Marriott Hotel, Ashford Road, Bearsted, , ME14 4NQ, Kent


Live music booking for Wedding ceremony and reception The BF String Quartet ref: 2665

The Orangey Maidstone Turkey Court, Ashford Road, Maidstone, Kent , ME14 5PP, Kent


Live music booking for Wedding - Christopher and Charmaine The AP String Quartet ref: 2995.1

Stonewall OasthouseEast Street Hunton MAIDSTONE Kent, ME15 0RB, Kent


Golden Wedding Anniversary party The HR Band ref: 4989.2

Hunton Village Hall West Street, Hunton, Kent , ME15 0RR, Kent


Live music booking for Wedding Reception The CM Ceilidh / Barndance Band ref: 6316

Ivy Mill House, Maidstone, Kent, , ME15 6XF, Kent


Garden party / Reception The WT Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4082.2

Langdale Rise, Maidstone,  Kent. , ME16 0EU, Kent


Birthday Lunch The BK String Trio ref: 2040

Allington Castle Castle Road Allington Maidstone, ME16 0NB, Kent

  this castle is complete with a moat, just as in all the best Disney films and children's history books. It looks like a castle to. With solid buttress walls and crenellations. The castle with his moat, which is mediaeval in its 12th century origins, and connected with historic characters like Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn and Sir Walter Wyatt back in 1530, is a sought-after film location. So for anyone getting married here, it must be like being the stars in a major movie. I don't know what repertoire the string quartet played on this occasion, as this is something that is discussed directly between the string quartet and the bride and groom, but I do hope that they did include some of Henry VIII's own compositions, as a little-known fact outside musical circles is that he was exceedingly good composer. Despite his bullish appearance and habit of bumping people off, he was extremely cultured and artistic king.

Live music hired for Wedding - Amanda and Garry The SS String Quartet ref: 2037.1

Hook and Hatchet Inn Church Road Hucking Maidstone , ME17 1QT, Kent


50th birthday party  The RR Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 6513

Chilston Park Hotel Sandway, Lenham, Maidstone , ME17 2BE, Kent


Live music hired for Wedding - Chris and Louise The SQ String Quartet ref: 6373

The GardensBenover Road, Yalding Kent , ME18 6EX, Kent


Headteachers end of year celebration  The KF Barn Dance / Ceilidh Band ref: 4522.2

Yalding is a village notable for its old houses and its two 15th-century bridges built to cross the Medway and the Beult. Warde's Moat is a quaint moat-encircled vicarage.

Addington Village Hall, Sandy Lane, Addington, Kent. , ME19 5AZ, Kent


Cricket Club Barn Dance The KF Barn Dance / Ceilidh Band ref: 4522.1

Addington is a village on the North Downs with a cricket club founded in 1743 and surrounded by excellent golf courses. Addington Palace was a hunting lodge of Henry VIII. Rebuilt in 1770, and a home of the Archbishops of Canterbury, it now houses the Royal School of Church Music.

Church Farm Church Road, Offham, West Malling , ME19 5NZ, Kent


Church and community barn dance  The KF Barn Dance / Ceilidh Band ref: 4522.2

Bradbourne House, East Malling Kent, , ME19 6DZ, Kent


Live music hired for Wedding The CP Jazz Quintet ref: 3556.1

North Barn, The Friars The Friars, Aylesford, Kent , ME20 7BX, Kent


Live music hired for Wedding - Sam and Catriona The RR Barn Dance/ Ceilds Band ref: 6513.1

Higham Village Club Hermitage Road, Higham, Rochester, Kent , ME3 7DD, Kent


Golden Wedding Anniversary  IAC Solo Covers Band ref: 6487

Cooling Castle Barn Main Road, Cooling, Rochester, Kent , ME3 8DT, Kent


Live music hired for Wedding - Ella and Neil  The BF String Quartet ref: 2665

St Mary's Island Community Centre, Island Way West St Mary's Island Chatham Kent, ME4 3EP, Kent


Party to celebrate my PhD graduation The LT Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4541.2

Chatham was a naval base developed by Elizabeth I from an unknown village. There is still an important naval dockyard here including a refitting base for nuclear submarines. There are several 18th-century houses in the town, and Dickens lived as a child at No. 2 (now No. 11) Ordnance Terrace.

HQ RE Officers' MessBrompton Barracks Dock Road Chatham , ME4 4UG, Kent


Burns Supper The SS Barn Dance/Ceilidh Band ref: 4706.1

Bridgewood Manor HotelBridgewood Roundabout, Walderdale Woods, Chatham, ME5 9AX, Kent


ex Royal Navy Photographers' Reunion The LD Ceilidh / Barn Dance band ref: 4734.2

Walderslade Baptist Church, Catkin Close, Walderslade, Chatham, Kent, , ME5 9HP, Kent


Tenth Wedding Anniversary The KF Barn Dance / Ceilidh Band ref: 4522.2

Bredhurst Village HallHurstwood Road, Bredhurst, ME7 3JZ, Kent


Live music hired for Wedding Anniversary The CM Ceilidh / Barndance Band ref: 6316

Britannia Suite, King Charles Hotel, Brompton Road, Gillingham Kent , ME7 5QT, Kent


70th birthday celebration  The LD Ceilidh / Barn Dance band ref: 4734.2

Gillingham has a good shopping centre for tourists caravanning or camping in the dairy vale of Dorset. There are some fine Georgian houses to recall the time when the town and the countryside around it was acclaimed a beauty spot by the painter John Constable; the old silk mill was one of his subjects. The picture now hangs in the Tate Gallery. An old farmhouse beyond Wyke, on the main road north of the town, still has a lovely octagonal dovecot and a little stream flowing past its mellow brick-and-stone frontage. On the road to Mere is the old grammar school founded 450 years ago: the school itself has now been moved to the other side of Gillingham.

Great Higham Barn Doddington (near Sittingbourne), ME9 0AP, Kent


Live music hired for Wedding reception - Pete and Elena The CX Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4602

The two large farms and cottages that make up the village of Doddington are grouped around a well-preserved pele tower—one of the last to be built on the Border in 1584. It is well worth a scramble up the steep slopes of the scarp of Dod Law, which overlooks the village, to view the panorama of the Cheviot Hills and to see the earthworks of an Iron-Age hill-fort on the Dod Law summit. A search of the moorland vegetation will reveal rock outcrops covered with strange carvings of cup and ring shapes, which are believed to date from the Bronze Age.

The Barn, The Barnyard Oak Lane, Upchurch, Kent , ME9 7EZ, Kent


21st Birthday Party - Henry The VB Party Band ref: 6243.2

Sittingbourne & Milton Regis Golf Club, Wormdale Hill Newington Sittingbourne Kent , ME9 7PX, Kent


50th Birthday (dress code - Black tie) The CM Scottish Ceilidh Band ref: 6295.1

St Philips Church Salisbury Road, Tonbridge, Kent , TN10 4PA, Kent


Barn Dance and Hog Roast The SP Barn Dance / Ceilidh Band ref: 4312

Tonbridge is part railway depot, part pleasant market town, is built on the River Medway. Motor cruisers are available for hire for trips on the river, which offers stretches of good fishing from its banks. Tonbridge School was founded in 1553 by a former Lord Mayor of London. The father of the novelist Jane Austen taught at the school and cricketer Colin Cowdrey learnt the game there. The castle was wrecked by Cromwell after a violent history.

Penshurst PlacePenshurst Place, Penshurst, TN11 8DG, Kent


Live music hired for Wedding - Laurence and Lisa The BF String Quartet ref: 2665

Penshurst village is dominated by Penshurst Place, where Sir Philip Sidney was born in 1554 and where his family have lived for 400 years. Penshurst stands in magnificent parkland grounds on the Rivers Medway and Eden. A descendant, Viscount De LTsle, who won a V.C. at Anzio in 1944, lives there now. The Great Hall dates from 1340 and has a good art collection and a minstrels' gallery. In Penshurst village is the original Leicester Square, named after the Elizabethan Earl of Leicester.

(Marquee in the garden). Delamere, Leigh Road, Hildenborough, Kent, , TN11 9AH, Kent


Live music hired for Wedding Reception JF Jazz Duo ref: 3283.1

Otford Village Memorial Hall, High Street, Otford, KENT, , TN14 5PQ, Kent


Lions club The KF Barn Dance / Ceilidh Band ref: 4522.2

Marquee,11 Coombe RoadOtford Sevenoaks Kent, TN14 5RJ, Kent


40th birthday party The RB Jazz Quartet ref: 6138

Sevenoaks is a dormitory town. Knole Park, however, is good for picnics. Its mansion, Knole, begun in 1456 by Archbishop Bourchier and developed by Thomas Sackville in Elizabeth's reign, is one of the biggest private houses in the country.

Radnor House Sevenoaks School Combe Bank Drive, Sundridge, Kent , TN14 6AE, Kent


Burns Night The LT Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4541.1

Woodlands Manor Golf ClubTinker Pot Lane West Kingsdown Kent, TN15 6AB, Kent


Lady Golf  Captains Insugural Dinner The SP Barn Dance / Ceilidh Band ref: 4312

St Edith's Hall Kemsing, Sevenoaks, Kent. , TN15 6NA, Kent


30th wedding anniversary - Rob and Ali The RR Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 6513

Chads Farm, , TN15 7JY, Kent


John's 60th birthday The SP Barn Dance / Ceilidh Band ref: 4312

Chads Farm, New Street Road, Hodsoll Street, Sevenoaks, Kent , TN157JY, Kent


John's 60th birthday The SP Barn Dance / Ceilidh Band ref: 4312

The Stanhope Arms Church Rd, Brasted, TN16 1HZ, Kent


60th birthday party  Harpist - Harriet ref: 6544

St Mary's Church, Goudhurst , TN17 1BL, Kent


Live music hired for Wedding - Flora and Howard Harpist - Maria ref: 6545