What are the terms of payment?

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Follow the link at the top of your quotation email saying '- Information on making a booking & T&Cs '  for full details relevant to your quotation.



DEPOSIT: We ask for 20% deposit paid by credit or debit card as part of the online booking process.


FINAL PAYMENT: When the Final Payment is due depends on how far ahead of the performance date you book. See Here for details.


INVOICE: We will email you a 'Confirmation of Booking & Invoice' PDF document. There is a printable invoice at the end if you need one for your accounts department. This is the only invoice that will be issued. You will later receive a 'Completion of Contract' document which will include the band's contact details.


OTHER PAYMENT METHODS: Unfortunately we are not able to offer any other payment scheme (e.g. invoicing after the event, cheques, cash, payment on the day etc.). Our payment terms are one element in enabling us to keep down our costs and offer you the best deals on bands.


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