Can I have a reduction in price?

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Q: Can I have a reduced price?


When we quote a price, for example, for 'up to 3 hours' , this means the musicians charge the same price whether you have them for 1, 2 or 3 hours.

This is because performance time is not the only factor that musicians take into account when setting prices. Much of the effort for a band is planning, getting people and equipment to and from the venue, setting up and taking down the PA and doing sound checks and adjustments. Also, the band are committing an afternoon or evening to you so they can't do another booking in the same time slot. So I'm afraid the price is the same, even if for less time than the minimum time and price on our quotation.



We are sometimes asked if we can offer a reduced price for a charity fund raiser. Our music groups do regularly play for charity events, but as this is how our musicians earn their living, we are unable to offer them to you at a reduced price. (It must be their decision to donate to their chosen charities out of their earned income.)


We have an agreed price with our bands, which is set by the band and includes travel costs, extra time etc. This means that we are unable to negotiate prices or give reduced prices for payment in advance.















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