Special Dates-Christmas, Burns, St Patricks etc

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The prices we quote are agreed with our bands for all dates except:

  • Burns Night,

  • St Patricks Day,

  • New Years Eve,

  • Christmas and Boxing day.

For these particular dates, different bands have different policies and it all gets a bit complicated.

For example, some bands won't do New Year's Eve but charge the standard price for the other dates. Other bands charge anything from a few percent more up to double their normal fee. Most bands will not agree prices for these dates in advance, but will decide only when offered a fairly firm booking. Their price will be dependent on how busy they are, what the band members personal plans are etc.

So, what has to be done for any of the above dates, is that we give you the band's standard price for non-special dates. If any of the bands are of potential interest and you would want to book them at around the price given plus a bit, you have two options:

Best option for you:

You make an online booking for the band at the standard price that we have quoted. (use the booking link near the end of our quotation email.) We can then tell the band that there is a firm booking at that price. Because it is a firm booking, this will encourage the band to accept it at the standard price, or if they wish to increase their price, will encourage them to keep the increase small.

We will either confirm the booking to you at the standard price, or we will tell you the new price. It is then your choice whether to accept the new price or have your deposit refunded. This option is likely to give you the lowest price.

Second best option for you:

Ask us to give a firm price for a specific band. We would then determine what price the band want for the particular night in question. Because there is no firm booking on offer and because bands are always getting asked questions like this without a booking materialising from it, they will often give an 'off the top of their head' price, which is often quite high. We will give you this price, and you can make an online booking if you wish to. This option is less likely to give you such a low price.

Not very satisfactory, but this is the reality of the situation, and  these dates are always difficult.








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