Can we see the band live?

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Unfortunately, it is not normally practical to arrange for you to hear one of our bands live. Most of our bands specialise in performing for private events (weddings, corporate events, parties and the like) and do relatively few public events.

In the past, when we have arranged for someone to hear the band live, by the time a public event has happened in a location that the client can get to and they have heard the band, the band has already become booked on their date. This is a disappointment and waste of time for all concerned. (We have to take bookings for bands on a first come first served basis.)

This is why we put music samples, a repertoire list and testimonials (and video, where available) on our web site, so that you can best assess the suitability of individual bands for your event. We appreciate it isn’t ideal, but with so many enquiries for our bands, and bands often being booked a long time ahead of the performance date, it is the best compromise.

















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