Ceilidhs / Barn Dances and Discos

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If you are having a disco and/or pop band, then this needs to happen after the Ceilidh / Barn Dance has finished.

Disco and similar music is highly processed recorded music, played at very high volume. From previous experience, allowing a disco in the break between the two halves of the Ceilidh and also sometimes before the Ceilidh began has killed the evening stone dead. Disco music is such a contrast to the quieter, more direct music of the Ceilidh that it has ruined the atmosphere and things never got going again. 

What does work well is to have the Ceilidh, then go into the Disco / pop band music after the Ceilidh has ended. Then the sound level, music style is progressing in the right direction, and things work extremely well.

If you are set on having a disco before or during a Ceilidh, then some bands take the view that if that is what you want to do, that's fine. Other bands will decline a booking or will not perform if there is a disco before they have finished, as they feel it spoils their music and can make it difficult or impossible for them to get a ceilidh going.

If you want to play disco / pop music before the end of the ceilidh / barn dance, you must put this on the booking form, so that the band can decide whether or not to accept the booking.


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