PAT certification and Public Liability Insurance

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A band is not required to have public liability insurance in order to perform. Some have it, some do not. If it is a requirement of yours or the venue that the band have PLI you should state this on the booking form. We can then tell you whether the band have it or not, and you can decide whether to continue with the booking.

If you have booked a band and then ask for PLI, the following applies:

  • If the band have PLI, there is no problem.

  • If the band don't have PLI, then:

    • If the band don't have PLI, then if they are playing for your wedding, your wedding insurance may include PLI for musical performances. Check this.

    • If the venue are wanting the band to have PLI, discuss the kind of band you are having and see if they will relax their requirement. A string quartet for example is not much of a danger to anyone.

    • The band could take out PLI specifically for your event. You would be charged this as an extra cost.

    • Your wedding insurance may cover PLI

    • You can extend your own insurance to cover PLI


PAT CERTIFICATION (Portable Appliance Testing)

This is only applicable to bands using certain kinds of electrical equipment. (i.e. not an acoustic string quartet). If your venue demands PAT testing, you need to state this when you make our booking.  The Musicians Union state: Maintenance is a general term which, in practice, can include visual inspection, testing, repair and replacement. Maintenance will determine whether (a) the equipment is fully serviceable or (b) remedial action is necessary. There are no absolute rules regarding the frequency of PAT testing. Therefore, if the venue have a minimum test period requirement, this should also be stated. Certain categories of electrical equipment are not included in PAT testing.


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