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Midsummer Music is an agency that work on behalf of over a thousand music groups across the UK. Our agreement with them is that we handle bookings for them as a complete package, i.e. we make information about them available, on their behalf, through our web site. We handle all the complications of quotations, timing, venues, contracts and payments etc. for them. We discuss things with you and arrange the contract between you and the band, answering any questions you may have before you decide to make a booking.

This avoids the kind of misunderstandings and errors that we know are a frequent occurrence from the number of people who come to us in a panic because the booking they had made direct with a band or through another agency has gone wrong.

Once a booking is finalised, we email you contact information in our 'Completion of Contract' so that you and the band can discuss the finer details of the performance, directly.


We don't put the names of music groups on our web site, instead using initials and a reference number. This is because:

  • We have a number of different music groups who operate under the same or very similar names. Using reference numbers eliminates any confusion.

  • We have individual music groups who operate under one name, but in a number of different line ups. The reference number system eliminates confusion.

  • It avoids the situation where a client attempts to play us and the band against each in an attempt to negotiate price. This wastes everyone's time, as we don't negotiate price.


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