Why is a quoted band no longer available & what happens to my deposit?

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Your deposit will be returned if the the band you have booked is no longer available and if you do not want to book an alternative, as follows:-

  • When we quote bands / ensembles, then at that time, according to our records, the band is available.

  • A change in availability can happen in 30 seconds, (the time it takes for any band member to read an email or take a phone call), so the shorter the time between us quoting you and you making a booking the less likelihood there is to be a problem, (most people book 6-12 months ahead)

  • Therefore, when we receive your booking we have to confirm continued availability. It can take anything from a few hours to more than a week to be certain that all band members can commit to a booking as individuals may not be easily contactable, may be on holiday or working out of the UK. (Unfortunately band members don't sit on shelves in a warehouse ready for delivery.)  e.g.

    • The band may become booked by us [we have to take bookings on a first come first served basis and can not hold bands without a firm booking], OR

    • a band member may make personal non-band arrangements that prevents them playing, which means that the band has as a whole can't play or has to spend time confirming a deputy musician OR

    • a band member who thought they could change non band commitments to make themselves available finds that this is not in fact possible OR

    •  sometimes the band hasn't updated us on their taking a booking from another source or not done it quickly enough to be eliminated from our quotation OR

    •  etc.

  • We ask for a deposit at the time of booking so that we can tell everyone in the band that it is a firm booking. If someone has non-band commitments, they can often re-arrange them if it as a 100% firm booking, but obviously wouldn't even try if it is not confirmed. (Musicians are regularly assured that someone will definitely make a booking, but then they don't).

  • If we are unable to book the band you asked for, we re-check directly with the musicians of other of our similar bands who are still available according to our records and offer alternatives to you if possible.

  • If you wish to book one of the alternative bands, please do let us know urgently, as availability can change at any moment for the reasons stated above.

  • If the alternatives we offer don't appeal to you, you can look on our website and ask for availability and quotes for other music groups.

  • If we are unable to book the band that you asked for on your booking form and if none of the alternatives appeal to you, we will refund your deposit back onto your card.

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