How do I agree repertoire or make changes to my booking?

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After the contract is finalised we email you a 'Completion of Contract' document (as a PDF), which has your and the band's contact details. You can then discuss repertoire and the finer details of the organisation of the performance directly with the band.



Once we have emailed you the 'Confirmation of Booking & Invoice' and the 'Completion of Contract', there is a contract in place between you and the band. If you want to make changes to the contract (e.g. start or finish times, venue etc.) you have the following options:


  • You can contact the band and agree changes directly with them. Provided that the changes don't incur a change in price, then there is no absolute need for us to be involved or for an updated contract. (we would recommend that all changes are recorded in writing between you and the band)

  • If the changes involve a change in the final payment amount, we must be informed by you and the band, and we will need to issue an updated 'Confirmation of Booking & Invoice' as the final payment is handled by us on behalf of the band.  If agreement is reached, updated Hirer / Leader Confirmation of Bookings will be issued. This process may incur an administration charge, and may additionally involve extra charges or refunds at the discretion of the agency. Please note that no guarantee can be given that amendments can be made, although we will do our best to accommodate any changes requested.

  • If either you or the band wish to have an updated 'Confirmation of Booking & Invoice', even though there is no change in cost (perhaps for the added security of having an up to date document) then you need email Midsummer Music asking for this to be done.

  • If you reduce the time of a performance after booking, the band may or may not be able to offer you a reduction (even if our original quote for the reduced time was lower). This is because musicians will have been contracted to set aside their time according to the original timings, and may have turned down or cancelled other paid work for your event.

  • If you wish to increase the time, or move the start or finish time, the band may or may not be able to accommodate you. The band as a whole, or individual band members, may have commitments before or after the originally contracted time that prevents them from being able to change the times to what you are asking for.

  • If you or the band are unhappy with the response to requested changes, please email us.

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The 'Confirmation of Booking & Invoice' gives 'Extra time on the day, Cost/half hour'. If you wish to have extra time on the day, then:

  • You have to ask the band leader to do extra time, at least 30 minutes before the scheduled performance end.

  • Extra time is not guaranteed. The band leader will do it if all members of the band are able to stay on for longer, but will not do it if they have other commitments that prevent them from staying longer. If you want the extra time guaranteed, then you have to book the time as a firm booking when you first book the band.

  • You must pay the band leader the extra amount, in cash, at the time you ask the leader for the extra time.

  • If the amount against  'Extra time on the day, Cost/half hour' is either zero or blank, it means that the band are definitely not able to offer extra time.

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