What happens if my final payment is not made by the due date?

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If you are late with your final payment, it is vital that you rectify the situation urgently, as you are in danger of losing the band yet still being liable for the full amount of payment!


This is a situation that no one wants, so immediate action is needed.


What usually happens is as follows:

  • Final payment is due to be cleared in our account no later than 28 days before the performance (unless you are making a very short term booking, where the payment dates are different, but nevertheless need to be met.)

  • When we do our 'outstanding payments' check, if we find that your payment hasn't reached us by the due date, we:

    • email you telling you that the payment is overdue and asking you to pay online by card or by direct bank transfer.

    • We email the band telling them that we have not received your final payment, and reminding them that according to the contract they are permitted to take another booking instead of yours, but that you will still be contractually liable for the full payment.

    • If we receive your final payment, we tell the band that your booking now stands. Provided that they haven't made other arrangements in the mean time.

  • If we still do not received your final payment, we send you another reminder of the situation and its remedy.

  • If we still do not receive your final payment, we email you again making it clear that:

    • that non payment invokes the full cancellation fee

    • that the band will not accept cash on the night

    • the band are free to take your non payment as a cancellation (whatever you may claim to the contrary): may decide not to perform on the date, but that you will still be liable for the cancellation fee

It can be prudent for you to make your final payment well before the final date to guard against you forgetting, or payment glitches, or our reminder (which we usually email you a week or so beforehand) for some reason not getting through to you.


Also, due to numerous factors, we are not always able to follow the above procedure precisely and you may not get all the reminders and encouragement we would like to be able to give you. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to ensure your payment gets to us in time.



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