Can the band set up earlier in the day?

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Some of the larger pop bands (function, party, covers) have a lot of equipment and may set up in the afternoon before an evening performance. Most other music groups normally set up immediately before the performance (typically 45 minutes to an hour). When we email you the 'Confirmation of Booking & Invoice' it will give the time that setup starts.

If you want setup to be earlier than the normal set up time for the band, then some bands will accommodate this, most will charge extra, and many bands will not set up earlier. (Musicians often perform at more than one performance in the day, so can't set up early. Also, they would normally have to have the whole band on site for longer, so you would have to pay for the band's time as if they were performing.

This issue sometimes arises with ceilidh / barn dance bands and smaller jazz and pop bands. Such bands don't have huge PA systems and are used to setting up quietly, even in situations where the meal is still in progress. However, in situations where the ceilidh is being held in the same room as the meal, after the meal has finished there is a significant period where guests are having a 'comfort break' and the venue is rearranging the room ready for  the ceilidh. This gives time for the band to set up.

If you want early set up, you should put this on your booking form, so that we can let you know if the band are willing to do this and if there is an additional cost.



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