Audio clips, testimonials, videos

Most bands (particularly classical ensembles and pop bands) have several audio clips and testimonials, and sometimes videos, so that you can judge whether they appeal to you. However some bands, (usually these Ceilidh / barn dance and jazz bands), have few audio clips and few or no testimonials and we are asked why this is.

It is often a matter of temperament. Doing recordings is time consuming and can be expensive. Collecting references and passing them to us needs a level or rigour. Folk and Jazz musicians often have a somewhat 'laid back' approach to life, so in a situation where they are regularly out performing, and getting as much work as they can handle, they sometimes see no reason to do recordings or save the 'thank you' notes. It doesn't mean they are bad bands, indeed it is often that they can view things this way because they are good.

Classical and Pop musicians are often more rigorous in their view of things and will normally do recordings and archive their references.

This unfortunately doesn't help you in deciding whether you like a band or not, but we can only provide what a band provides to us.



















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