Performance start time

The Hirer has to be responsible for defining the start time for the performance. This is the time which we will be put in the 'Performance Details' section of the 'Confirmation of Booking' that is issued to the Hirer and the (band) Organiser. If, after the 'Confirmation of Booking' is issued, the start time is changed, then it is the responsibility of the Hirer to inform Midsummer Music and the (band) Organiser of this change.

Approximate Start Time

The start time entered on the 'Confirmation of Booking' must be a precise time i.e. it can not be 7.00 approx. This is because interpretations of approximate time means can be different between the Hirer and the (band) Organiser and can lead to things going wrong. If the start time is not known precisely at the time of booking, the most likely time needs to be put on the the 'Confirmation of Booking'  and the Hirer has to let the (band) Organiser know if it subsequently changes.

Liaising with the Venue or Wedding Co-ordinator

 Sometimes Midsummer Music is asked by the Hirer to liaise with the venue or a wedding organiser to determine start time. We are unable to do this as it is prone to 'crossed wires'. It is too easy for the venue to give one time, which subsequently changes and the change is not passed on to us or the (band) Organiser; (the venue has not booked the band, so have no reason to remember to pass on information to them).

Therefore, the Hirer needs to agree times with the venue or wedding organiser and give this information to Midsummer Music prior to a 'Confirmation of Booking' being issued. The Hirer is responsible for informing the (band) Organiser if timings change.












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