Ideas for wedding receptions

If you’re searching for country wedding ideas because you live in, or the venue is in the countryside, you may well be holding the wedding reception in a marquee wearing a wedding barn. (If it’s a standard wedding venue or hotel that happens to be in the countryside, and your options would be the same as for any other wedding.)

If your wedding is the marquee, and string quartet is one possibility, but you have to be extra careful with the positioning of musicians because marquees are acoustically very dead and can easily absorb most of the sound of the string quartet. Careful positioning of the quartet so they are from all tables, (i.e. not stuck in a far corner), and positioned on hard flooring if there is some available, such as the dance floor for the evening disco, will ensure that they can be heard properly. Another country marquee wedding idea is to have a jazz band, which shouldn’t have any problems being heard in the marquee because they will use amplification, and the amplification can be turned up to compensate for the sound absorbing qualities many marquees.

Perhaps the country wedding entertainment that has the greatest affinity to the countryside is to have a ceilidh or barn dance. Folk music has many of its roots in farming communities, and hiring a ceilidh band for your country wedding reception dance will give your well-balanced event.

Perhaps, if yours is a country wedding reception, it will be held in a barn. The acoustics of barns are usually quite good, so they’ll be no problem for the string quartet to be heard. And of course, in a barn you should have a barn dance. Whether it is a rustic barn, with hay bales, (either an American barn dance band or an English barn dance band would go down a treat), or an upmarket renovated wedding barn, a barn dance fits perfectly to the occasion.          

If you’re trying to think of simple wedding ideas then hiring a music group meets the requirements perfectly. A jazz band or string quartet comes prepackaged, if you like to look at it like that. It is simple to find a band that appeals to, by going on to our website. Saying an enquiry takes only a few moments. You book online, nice and simple, then we do the rest. You need do no more until the wedding day, and then all you have to do is enjoy the music or the dance, if it is a ceilidh or barn dance. Nothing could be simpler! So if you’re looking for simple            ideas for your wedding, put a live music group at the top your list, whether it is for the wedding drinks reception or the evening entertainment. Whatever it is, the band will be delivered to you on the day, no assembly needed, they don’t come flat packed, they come fully assembled and ready to go! If you’re looking for simple parties ideas, then the same applies. My slave away trying to think of all sorts of complicated entertainments is involved you in a lot of work. Booker band, hire a barn dance band or jazz band from the Midsummer music agency, and make life simple for yourself.

So, we have covered wedding fun ideas, give new suggestions of some great wedding ideas which range from wedding reception fun ideas and fun wedding ideas for the ceremony itself. We have run through some inexpensive wedding ideas, some extremely expensive wedding ideas (i.e. having several different music groups for each part of the day from the ceremony, to the drinks reception, to the wedding breakfast and then on to perhaps a ceilidh or barn dance followed by function band. We’ve given you some alternative wedding ideas and some outside wedding for different seasons of the year. So I hope you will build to take some of these thoughts away, juggling around to suit your tastes and preferences, and end up hiring a string quartet or jazz band, or whatever it is, that you and your guests will thoroughly enjoy and will be one of the highlights of your wedding day.