Live music for the wedding or civil ceremony

Question: I want the lowest priced jazz band to play at my wedding reception and wedding ceremony;  the first part of this question is ordinary enough, it's the second part that is unusual. Jazz bands rarely play at wedding ceremonies, though there's no reason why they shouldn't. The early Trad that jazz that was played in New Orleans, with the marching bands in particular, regularly played for weddings and funerals. Unless it is a very large church or civil ceremony venue, then you're not going to have room to set up a PA system, so you need a jazz band that can play completely acoustically. This what you want, make sure you state this when you make your booking. Similarly, if you're expecting the band to lead you into and out of the church, as in the old style of marching bands, then you must also say this when you book, because    not all bands are mobile.

Question: civil ceremony wedding music;   wedding ceremony song ideas;   well, this really is up to what you like, so go on to the jazz band section of our website, browse the bands and in particular look at the repertoire lists that most them have, and listen to the music tracks or watch the videos.         

Question: find a jazz band for my civil ceremony;   have a look in the jazz section or a website against the county or town where your civil wedding ceremonies to take place. Decide how much space there is a jewel venue for the band and precisely where you going to put them.

Question: modern songs for wedding ceremony;   depends whether you are looking for pop, classical or even jazz songs for your ceremony. Decide what is appropriate for the venue, it is the church a classical Sopranos often the most appropriate.   Other similar requests are Wedding music ceremony.                   

Question: I want an all female pianist for my wedding ceremony and breakfast; or pianist for wedding ceremony;  in the first instance, does the wedding take place in the church, in which case is there piano or place to put electric piano (note that if electric piano, there must be a thirteen amp's power supply close by, and many of the older churches have few power sockets). Other similar requests are find a pianist for my wedding  ceremony;            

How much time is between ceremony and the reception, because of pianist has to move electric piano this can take some time. Only after you've considered these to worry about finding a pianist. Looking for a female pianist you can browse our site or just send us an enquiry stating what you're looking for.  

Question: find a barn dance band for my civil ceremony; we've had this question and it's a very strange one. Barn dances are things for the wedding reception, not the ceremony. In this case the person though, was looking for a barn dance band for the evening reception and the same musicians to play folk music for the wedding ceremony. That is of course absolutely okay, but the only problem is that the wedding ceremony tends to be in the middle of the day and the ceilidh is in the evening. This means that the band play for maybe an hour to an hour and a half during the wedding ceremony, (depending whether it's a Catholic church ceremony which typically goes on for an hour and a half, or short civil wedding ceremony, which may last only twenty minutes.) Because many barn dance band musicians play an afternoon gig in one location to an evening gig in another location, they would normally treat this is to bookings with a price that was commensurate with that. Some bands will reduce their price to be less than that of two separate events, but you would have to check on that.


Question: I want a young jazz band for my wedding ceremony and breakfast;  there are two issues with this question. The first has been covered above and relates to having a jazz band for a wedding ceremony and what kind of band might be appropriate. The other one is to request for a young jazz band (presumably this is a band with a young musicians rather than a band that has only just formed?).

A jazz band with young musicians relatively rare, as many musicians turn to jazz in their older years they become more mature both musically and as people. However there are some superb jazz bands in schools and in County music services youth jazz orchestras. The problem though is that they are mostly in the middle of school exams and one can't normally reliably book them several months ahead, as is necessary if you're booking them or hiring them for your wedding. There is no harm in contacting the head of the county music service to see if there are any young musicians available to play, and whether this is possible would largely depend on the time of the year of your wedding, it was a winter wedding you would have more chance.

As always you can go on to our website and browse the bands, looking the photographs, but remembering that often photographs have been around for quite a long time and the musicians can be somewhat older. The other option is to send us an enquiry specifying that you are specifically wanting young musicians in your jazz band.

Question: I want a prestigious ceilidh band to play at my wedding ceremony;    if you're looking for this, then you are thinking about a band that has spent many years building up a reputation and a following. First thing is that many such bands do not perform at weddings, their business is purely concerts and recordings. If they do perform at weddings in between their concert tours, and if they know the dates of their concert tours far enough ahead to allow them to say whether available for your wedding, then they will certainly be an expensive band. So if this is what you're looking for, please make it clear in your enquiry.                      

Question: I want the lowest priced harpist to play at my wedding reception and wedding ceremony; if this question about price is because you're looking for good value, but you definitely want a harpist, then that's fine, but bear in mind that the quality of the musicians performance doesn't necessarily relate to the price they're charging, so it's important to listen to their music samples on our website and make sure they're playing in the style that you like.

It's a question is because you're wanting low-cost or cheap live music, then forget harpists, they're expensive. There are not many of them and they play very expensive instruments that are difficult and expensive to transport. If you want cheapness, go for a soloist of some kind other than a harpist, probably playing with backing tracks, or go for an instrumental duo.   

Question: I want an experience string quartet for my wedding ceremony and breakfast;  string quartets on our website are experienced musicians, but certainly some quartets tend to play for wedding ceremonies and wedding breakfasts more than other quartets, who will perhaps play more concerts. So if you're particularly concerned about the experience of the string quartet, mention this on your enquiry form so we can select appropriately.

Question: I want a young string quartet for my wedding ceremony and breakfast; there is no problem here, we have a vast array of string quartets right across the country, our website. Question you should be asking, or thinking about is, what kind of music you want string quartet play. All string quartets have a wide repertoire, but some play more film music than others, whilst arrangements of pop covers is somewhat specialised and only a few string quartets will have a wide repertoire of this kind of music, although most will include one or two pop covers.