Booking live bands for weddings

Question: songs for civil ceremony; this is slightly ambiguous because it is not clear whether the person is asking vocalist or thinking of particular tunes and pieces music for their wedding ceremony this is played by an instrumental group (there's a tendency these days to call anything a song even if it is an instrumental tune, whereas the original meaning of song was a piece of music for voice with words). There are many lists of suggestions on the Internet you can look through, but remember not all of them are suitable to be played on a string quartet, one example being Bach's Tocata & Fugue, which is a piece for organ. If you are wanting that for your church wedding ceremony, then you really do need an organist and not just any old organist, but a really good one. It's a difficult piece of music. Then there is the question of whether the church has suitable organ. Many churches particularly village churches, have baroque or small organs which would make this piece of ground entrance or exit music sound completely pathetic. It's only worth considering if the church has quite a large organ with impressive base pipes. The alternative is to use CD, but then you have to be sure that the sound equipment that is being used can do this piece of music justice. A portable CD player or a small PA system would, like the small church organ, sound completely out of place when playing this music. So finding music for civil ceremony is about matching what you like with traditional, or conversely maybe you want to break with tradition altogether, but always discuss this with the musicians and if it's something that they may not be able to play, you need to discuss this before booking a band or hiring the string quartet.

Question: Wedding ceremony music playlist;  civil ceremony songs;   top wedding ceremony songs;   either you have your favourite pieces music already listed, or you may look on the Internet suggested popular playlist, the end you should discuss this directly with the leader of the music group, whether it is a string quartet or jazz band, or perhaps soprano harpist. If you have particular piece of music that are vitally important, you should say this when you make your booking so that we can make sure that the musicians you book have this music in their repertoire. If they don't, they may be to arrange a tour get hold of the music, but arrangements often are charged extras. Also it may be the particular music group is unable to play this piece music for some reason, or unwilling to learn it specially for one event, or the music may just be completely unsuitable for the kind of ensemble that your booking. This often the case with pop music and string quartets.

Question: where can I find a pianist for my civil partnership ceremony? Whether it is a civil partnership, the church wedding ceremony were civil ceremony in a registry office or hotel venue, the way of finding any musician is the same. 

Question: I want the lowest priced string quartet to play at my wedding reception and wedding ceremony. Well, to be realistic, I suppose that's what just about everybody wants. Real world is not as simple as this though. The lowest priced string quartet you can get is probably some bunch of friends who play at the back of the local Symphony Orchestra, who may not be a very good amateur orchestra, meeting on Thursday evenings to bash through things for a bit of fun. So for some of got together and formed the string quartet, which probably meets once every one or two months and is mostly a drinking and chatting session. One of them gets asked to play at a friends wedding, and go along as guests but also play for a half-hour spot during the reception. This gets them thinking that they can hire themselves out for weddings, but realising they're not really up to it, they just advertise locally in a half-hearted sort of way and charge a bit of beer money for going along. This would certainly get you a cheap string quartet, or a lowest priced string quartet as the questioner asked.

However, they may instead be asking for the lowest price string quartet that is available from a selection of extremely good and experienced string quartets. If this is the real meaning behind the question, then of course it is a very sensible question. There are several things that determine the price (which is set by the string quartet, not by ourselves). Each string quartet sets its own price based on a combination of what they think they are worth, how experienced they are, whether they have an unusual repertoire, how much competition there is in the area are string quartets, whether they want to get a lot of bookings at a lower price or just a very few bookings at a higher price.

But there are more aspects to pricing and this. If you book a long time ahead of your wedding date, then most string quartets will not have already been hired for an event, so you have a wide choice. This enables you not only to choose those string quartets that are offering the lowest basic price, but those string quartets that are closest to you, because travel is an expensive activity, both in terms of fuel and car costs, travel time, which has to be paid for from many groups, and of course the all-important environmental costs.

So if you really want to get the lowest price for high-quality string quartet, your best way is to book well in advance, and that means 6 to 18 months ahead.

 Question: evening wedding ceremony; we have had this request, and it's quite unusual. Churches normally reserve the daytime for wedding ceremonies and registrars seem to work a 9-to-5 shift, I don't know if they have double time to work evenings? But from the point of view of the music group, normally an evening wedding ceremony is perfectly okay.        

Question: I want a male pianist for my wedding ceremony and breakfast ; we had this question already accept asking for a female pianist, so really the same things apply just change female to male and you have your answers!    

Question: ceremony wedding songs; this is another request that we've covered already.           

Request: I want a young pianist for my wedding ceremony and breakfast;  we've had a similar request above, but it was for a jazz band. When it comes to pianists, things are somewhat more straightforward. They tend to be quite a few young pianists, as it's a solo instrument and doesn't necessitate getting all band, such as a jazz band, together, so there is only one person to consider. Have a browse through the classical pianists or the jazz pianist and sections of our site, but bear in mind the comment about photographs, i.e. that many photographs are some years old, so don't assume the photos give an accurate indication of age. If it's important to you, specify this is requirement on your booking form and we can check. (Although, isn't it impolite to ask the age of a lady, so if it's a young female pianist do we get your answer, or are we polite to the lady?)