String Quartet hire queries

Request: hire a string quartet; in particular  string quartet specialising in weddings; a straightforward and reliable place to do this is on the Midsummer music agency website, or one of the similar online live music sites. (Bear in mind that different websites specialise in different types of music, so that a website that specialises in ceilidh bands and barn dance bands, or one that has a particularly large range of jazz bands, may or may not have a good and appropriate selection of string quartets. But if you take care when you look at the site to see how many string quartets they really have and where in the country they are, then it is relatively easy to tell. For example some agency websites will show the same string quartet has been available in London and Edinburgh, where's in reality no sensible quartet or sensible bride and groom are going to hire a string quartet that has travelled from the other end of the country. Why do some agencies do this? It's so they can appear to have a huge selection of live music groups when in reality they have very few. When you look at string quartets in a particular county or town on the Midsummer music agency website, then all of the string quartets to genuinely cover that area, and will travel to it without excessive distances being travelled and exorbitant travel costs being added. Do bear in mind though, as if you're looking on a page for a county, that a county is a very large geographical area and some string quartets may play for example in the north of the county, but not in the south of the county. If, on the other hand, you are looking at a page for a particular town, then this is a relatively small geographic area and any string quartet shown on the pages for that town will indeed perform their, (if they are available on your date of course).