The AL Scottish Ceilidh Band ref: 4084.5

The AL Scottish Ceilidh Band

An all Scottish ceilidh band / Scottish Country Dance Band. This is a three-piece band from the Midlands, providing Scottish ceilidh dances for weddings, birthday parties and corporate events, as well as the genuine traditional Scottish dance repertoire for the experts when asked.

The line-up is usually accordion, keyboard and fiddle or flute, and for the ceilidhs the band bring a caller along, to explain the dance steps to you. The band supports the complete range of Scottish ceilidh dances, from beginner events for those with no experience, right through to the most demanding genuine full-dress Scottish balls, usually for specialist groups affiliated to the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.

The ALCeilidh band have a collection of several thousand tunes and many hundred dances, and they are very happy to advise on the choice of dances if you so wish. Alternatively they will try to incorporate your own favourite dance within the programme if possible.


Reeling Club eventDear David I usually try to put pen to paper on these occasions, but you have pre-empted me, so here is an email ! We all owe you a big thank you for making our evening with your music. It was deemed a great success by all the guests, so well done you three ! [……..] Again, very many thanks for giving us such a good time kind regards Richard