The MR Folk Band ref: 4087

Sweetheart Reel - Irish upbeat reel
Scoggins Waltz - melodic waltz
Banish Misfortune - upbeat jig
Blind Mary - beautiful slow air
King of the Faeries - upbeat melody
Rosie - modal waltz
Butterfly Jig - upbeat jig
Carolan’s Draught - Renaissance tune 
Castle Kelly - Upbeat jig
Shalom Alacheim - Israeli dance tune
Jock O’Hazeldean - Scottish melody
Shebeg and Shemore - Irish melody
Katy Dwyer - Irish slow air
Carolan’s Welcome - Irish air
Haste to the Wedding - Irish reel
Northern Coast a beautiful ballad
Never be the Sun a love song
Both Sides the Tweed a Scottish ballad
First Love a Ralph McTell love song
The Rose a well-known love song
Killing the Blues slow blues love song
Maid of Culmore traditional Irish lament
Swallow Song ballad with good harmonies