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Guitar - Galina

Classical Guitarist Galina was born in the Ukraine and comes from a family of musicians.

She began studying the guitar and made her first public appearance on state television at the age of eight; from twelve she was performing major guitar concertos with the Kharkov Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra. From 1991 to 1995 she studied at the Moscow Gnesiny Music College while also employed as a principal guitarist with the Kharkov State Philharmonia from 1986 until 1997.

Galina has won prizes at international guitar and music competitions in Poland, Italy, Hungary, Spain, the United Kingdom, and has performed over 2000 concerts across West and Eastern Europe .

In 1996 the British Ambassador and High Commissioner to Kenya invited her to Africa for a concert tour and television appearances.

Galina's extensive repertoire covers all time periods of classical guitar from the middle ages through to modern popular arrangements.

Styles played include Classical, Flamenco, Latin American, Eastern European, Jazz.


Concert performance"Hard to believe that there was just one woman and her guitar on stage because Galina had the whole orchestra at her fingertips…"
Magazine review"If individuality could be measured on a scale of one to ten, Galina Vale would surely score eleven…"
"Her playing is almost indescribable, with a lot of volume, and a repertoire that few would choose to attempt."