The LY Barn Dance /Ceilidh Band ref: 4326.1

The LY Barn Dance /Ceilidh Band

Basically an English Barn Dance Band, the LY Band can also include American and Irish if desired.The Band are a bunch of brilliant musicians, three of whom have been playing and calling for barn dances for over 15 years. With three out of the five having been classically trained, there's nothing folksy about this band; nor are they staid and stuffy.

A good time for all, especially the dancers is the name of the game, all done to an irresistible foot-tapping beat. It's worth coming along to listen, just to hear Nick lead them off into their devilish American reels or their irrepressible Irish jigs.

If you've never been to a barn dance before, there's nothing to worry about; the caller walks you through the dance beforehand and then calls it with the music. No-one cares if you get it wrong! After all that's half the fun. The band is available as a 2, 3 or 4 piece band + caller.

Note: music samples are of them playing as a four piece band



WeddingMusic means a lot to all our family. I particularly enjoyed some of the tricks your fiddler got up to…..You will know that the caller is a vital part of any barn dance, so please be advised that Rita was the best we've come across for a long time.
Barn Dance"Thanks once again for making our evening go so well. Everybody was full of praise for the most enjoyable evening they had .