The CC Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4422

The CC Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band

Originally,this ceilidh band (or Twmpath band) "happened" together in January 1993 when a string of old acquaintances had each received an invitation to the same wedding party. When this fact was realised, the idea was mooted to hold a few practices and stage a short ceilidh by way of a wedding present. The dance was a huge success, the scratch musicians were told that their sound worked a treat - and so a new band was born ! So the story goes.

The band line-up includes Guy who plays melodeon, guitar, harmonica and mandola; Selyf (fiddle); Imogen (woodwind/flute/whistle/bodhran) Bob (guitars) and the addition of a percussionist. Veronica's calling adds to the band - this is one of the benefits of a band with their own 'in-house' caller because they know each other so well !

As a barn dance band, they are, fundamentally, an all-acoustic band that gets your feet moving and the repertoire consists of music that the band enjoys playing together, whether Welsh, Irish, European or American - it's all lined up and waiting for the 'full treatment' !