The CL Violin, Cello & PianoTrio ref: 2473

The CL Violin, Cello & PianoTrio

The music of this Trio has an extraordinary appeal. The idea of love features frequently in these songs, as does that of simply having a good time. It is this uncomplicated approach, combined with memorable tunes and catchy rhythms, which makes their music so accessible. It is music for all people.

The Trio have played for many parties, weddings and other functions. Since the subject matter is almost always romantic , it is eminently suitable for weddings.

This exciting Trio of violin, cello and piano perform the popular Latin-American repertoire, drawing on the familiar Samba, Bolero and Tango as well as less-well-known rhythms such as Pasillo, Joropo and Currulao. Whilst maintaining the format of the classical piano trio, they express the original passion and joy of the Latin-American rhythms. The ground-breaking arrangements combine the passion of Latin America with the virtuosity and traditions of classical music.


Windsor festival"They play wonderfully, entertain beautifully and present their concerts so well that you cannot fail to enjoy them"
Arts FestivalThe Trio were wonderful. It was a great finale to the Festival and I think everyone left with a spring in their step. It is such a joy to watch three amazingly talented musicians thoroughly enjoying themselves and producing wonderful music.