The PD Barn Dance / Ceilidh Band ref: 4495

The PD Barn Dance / Ceilidh Band

The PD Band have been playing for dances for many years. A professional trio they take a pride in providing good quality entertainment at weddings and party dances for all ages.

The band line-up includes melodeon, keyboard / guitar and bass/recorder.

Jan, the caller offers most popular dances include traditional classics such as The Virginia Reel, Cumberland Square Eight and Strip the Willow - good for beginners. She also calls American contras and sung squares - and novelty dances such as the Lambeth Walk and Rock Barn Dance. The type of dance will depend on the event - and on the age and experience of the dancers.

The PD Band play music which originates from England, Scotland, Ireland and America with lively traditional polkas, jigs, reels, hornpipes and gentle waltzes – ideal for dancing. The trio also perform songs and include in their repertoire Irish songs for St Patricks Nights, Scottish for Burns nights, American for a hoe down, and a variety of lively songs from the Music Hall era and 30s and 40s – even some Rock and Roll. They can offer themed American, Irish, French, English - or mix of styles.


Birthday Party I would like to say a massive big thank you to you and the guys, for the fantastic entertainment you provided for my birthday. The songs and the dances certainly went well with the Pirate theme, and everybody who has spoken with me has commented what a great band you were, and how much you contributed into making the evening a bit more special. For my part, I felt you all entered the whole spirit of the evening, and managed to get most of us up dancing, which knowing some as I do, was not an easy task. You made each dance enjoyable, and we all surprisingly found we could get most of the steps right most of the time. The excellent music and Ceilidh dancing certainly breaks the ice and massively upped the fun factor, which is always a good thing no matter how old we are!. I think I spent the whole night smiling.