The LG Trio ref: 2510

Examples from a sample programme
The mysterious Traveller barges into the pleasure gardens and tells of a masquerade ball, and some strange musicians…
The Masquerade Song - Travellers See Strange Things 
He’s seen nymphs & shepherds, rakes & prudes, rovers & lovers. 
With names like Colin & Cloe, Damon & Laura, and Phyllis with her Strephon...The same types are everywhere: sailors, doctors, lawyers, lovers, rovers, all playing their parts!
The Chantreuse (instrumental)  Allegra arrive and tells of the plight of  women, at the hand of the fickle rover.  Once in a while they do settle for one lady… The Rover - Fanny Blooming Fair   

Whereupon we learn that women play the same games, and heara warning from ladies who know —not to give a man everything he wants— at least not right away… By Men Belov’d – Lud, Don’t You Keep Teasing me so
Then the heroine hears that Strephon was secretly a member of the navy and must ship off tomorrow, and the sailors do…what sailors always do…  The Heart of A Sailor - Haul Away [Yo ho, boys!]

The playing of Captain Mcintosh (instrumental) reminds us of the rover’s military/naval exploits.  Meanwhile our heroine pines on her own as Laura pined for Damon… The Faithful Shepherdess – A Song in the Chaplet by Mr. Boyce – a poem from the Edinburgh Musical Miscellany
Whereupon our lass decides to find a new market for her heart, and takes inspiration from her friend Myrtilla.  Who’ll Buy a Heart  
The Devil and Baker (a reading).  In which we are reminded of the cheats amongst us  –not just the rakes and hussies but also the false merchants–  and the traveller tells us that he has seen it all in  Music of the Bottle. Whereupon the Traveller reminds us that all life is a 
In The Masquerade we all “Sing Tan-ta-ra, ra-ra, truth all, truth all” as we agree that this is true, and say goodbye until next time…