The SP Ceilidh/ Barn Dance Band ref: 4560.2

The SP Ceilidh/ Barn Dance Band

This band are a great option for any social event - with their lively music and great caller they offer a great evening for all age groups. The music is cheerful and lively, and the basic steps are taught and can be learned easily; a walk through is usually provided for new dancers before the start of each dance.

Line up is composed of Accordion+Caller /Fiddle/whistle/harp, Guitar/Mandolin and Bodhran.

A smaller band is also available.

The band play Scottish, Irish, English and other folk music for dancing. Most dances are private functions e.g. Weddings, anniversaries and private parties but they do sometimes play for public dancing.


Birthday party"I really enjoyed your dance as it was much better than others I have been to. You gave really clear instructions and gave people time to get it right so I knew what I was doing."
WeddingTony and I wanted to say again thank you for making our day so much fun. Everyone has told us how much they enjoyed the dancing. We had a fantastic time! Everybody enjoyPeople kept coming into the bar and saying what fun it was and that it was such a good idea to have a Barn Dance for the wedding."ed themselves so much, it was better than a disco because everybody joined in together.