Classical guitarist - Graham ref: 6103

Classical guitarist - Graham

Graham has been performing classical guitar for over 20 years and plays a variety of styles including a section played on steel strung acoustic guitar for more variety.

His repertoire includes many of the great classical guitar pieces but he specialises in playing many arrangements of more well known popular pieces, as he feels that nothing captures the listener's attention more than a tune that they recognise.

Graham will endevour to try and find or will himself arrange any "special" piece that the bride or groom would like to make that wedding the special day it should be ( Graham will also provide the happy couple with a recording of this piece for them as a keepsake)!.



WeddingMany thanks for your playing Graham. The arrangement of On the Wings of Love was fantastic.
WeddingThanks for playing at the wedding and then the meal afterwards, many guests commented to us on how much they enjoyed the playing.
Birthday celebrationsHis presentation was the embodiment of "professionalism" in all regards, without any loss of the sense of him being relaxed in what he was doing. He was able to make effective technical adjustments with his kit to accomodate to the acoustics of the venue. His playing was discreet and tasteful, the musicianship was to a high standard and his repertoire most appropriate to the occasion. Everybody that I spoke to in attendance for the event commented most positively in support these qualities. Also, I would note that I was struck by references made to the value of the live music of this quality, to the overall success of the event.