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About Classical Guitarists

The Classical Guitarist pages list guitarists and lutenists who are available to perform in your area. They are particularly appropriate for Weddings, dinners and receptions. To find out more about them, read on:

This part of our website covers classical guitarists of various styles. It includes guitar soloists and guitar duos, who play classical guitar (sometimes referred to as Spanish guitar), flamenco guitarists, lutenists (playing various types of lute). In a small venue and where there is low noise level they can play acoustically, but many use a limited amount of amplification if there is ambient noise, as is typical of a wedding reception.

Look carefully at the repertoire and listen to the music clips, as the style and repertoire that come under the heading of classical guitarists is wide. To illustrate this here are some examples:

Latin American: Pasatempo by Vianna; Libertango by Piazzola

Spanish: Valses Poeticos by Enrique Granados; La Vida Breve by Manuel de Falla

Classical repertoire: Moment Musical by Schubert; Fur Elise by Beethoven

Classic guitar favourites: Concerto de Aranquez; Preludes by Villa-Lobos

Music for wedding guitarists: Canon in D - Pachabel; Menuette - Boccherini; Meditation from Thais

Music for Flamenco guitarists: Alegrias: Alegrias Melocotones de Ronda: Alegrias en mi con silencio: Alegrias en la Cantina ( Note that Flamenco is a very specific style with its own technique, and only certain guitarists perform this style

The following examples are not classical, but you will find that many guitarists also perform jazz and light music

Jazz standards: Moon River: With A Song In My Heart

Popular: Stand by Me: Dancing Queen

So you can appreciate, this instrument is extremely versatile

A guitar is a solo instrument capable of playing entirely unaccompanied. This is quite different from a violin, which does play solo pieces, but almost always with accompaniment. Why? Because a guitar can play tune and harmonies on the one instrument. Its limitation is that it doesn't produce much volume, so consider the situation it will be playing in. As mentioned above, many guitarists use limited amplification when playing even classical repertoire, to lift themselves sufficiently to overcome the background noise. Although guitars can be played through large PA systems, this only works well for pop and jazz styles, as it changes the sound of the instrument in a way that suites these genres but doesn't suit classical guitar.
Classical guitar works well in a situation where live music is wanted in a small venue or a larger venue where there is not too much backround noise. For example, guitar music can create an intimate atmosphere in a restaurant or anniversary dinner. Wedding guitarist are popular, particularly for smaller wedding venues and wedding receptions. Keeping on the wedding theme, a guitarist takes up very little room, so can find a location to play even in the smallest village church. This can also be important in a restaurant setting.

Event organisers will hire classical guitarists for corporate dinners and the more sophisticated product launches. So a classical guitarist is extremely versatile. It being a small portable instrument that can play entirely acoustically in suitable circumstances, it can be useful in situations where the location of the music needs to change, such as in many of the historic wedding venues that have several relatively small rooms.

An additional attraction is that being a solo instrument they are low cost compared to a larger ensemble like a string quartet. This can be important if you are looking for cheap wedding entertainment ideas because your wedding has a tight budget.

If you want music that is exciting and spectacular, then what about a Flamenco guitarists to perform a cabaret spot at your restaurant, or at your evening wedding reception? This is music that is quite different from the normal classical and light music repertoire and style that you are less likely to hear outside Spain. Many of the Flamenco guitarists are also Jazz or Gypsy Jazz Guitarists  - there is a certain synergy between the styles. If this is more your thing, also look on our website under jazz guitarists.

As always think carefully about the positioning of your wedding guitarist. Being just one person with a small instrument, it is easy to find somewhere suitable. If playing in a church or civil ceremony, it is good to have the guitarist at the front, where the sound can radiate towards the guests. As they will usually be seated to play, they can be unobtrusive, yet a point of interest playing what can be a very beautiful instrument.

At a wedding reception or during the meal, it can be good to have the guitarist raised up a little. Many venues have portable staging, and one section of staging is usually sufficient. Positioning is something that you can of course discuss with the musician once you have booked them.

For a flamenco guitar performance, again raised on a stage or with guests gathered around the musician in a semi circle. It is wonderful music to listen to, but the performance can be very visually exciting to, this is live entertainment, so take that in as well if you can.

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