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The SC String Quartet in Berwickshire
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£520 - £690
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The SC String Quartet is an experienced modern professional string quartet group . Superb classical music for weddings in Berwickshire is a speciality of this ensemble.. Whether you are looking for musicians for a wedding, Christmas Party, corporate event, or religious occasion, The Quartet can create the perfect background to your event.

The AS Quartet in Berwickshire
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£560 - £1200
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This Quartet, formed in 1997, consists of four extremely dedicated professional string players and the quartet is now one of the most established in the North East. With over ten years of experience in providing high quality live music at so many events, the quartet has built a reputation for being professional, reliable and flexible. They play classical wedding music for the wedding ceremony and wedding receptions in Berwickshire.

The Quartet perform at all sorts of occasions including weddings, corporate events, private parties and receptions - all with the aim of providing you with ... more

The AR String Quartet in Berwickshire
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£540 - £820
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The AR String Quartet - a professional string quartet based in Glasgow, playing at live events across Scotland. Since 2008, they've had an absolute blast establishing themselves as one of Scotland's leading young professional string goups. This ensemble is familiar with performing classical music in churches and wedding venues in and around Berwickshire .

This quartet are comfortable with all genres of music from Classical to Jazz, Folk to Pop and have a wealth of experience in playing at all types of events from background to centre-stage and acoustic to amplified settings.

The BA String Quartet in Berwickshire
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£480 - £980
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Getting married in Scotland? Congratulations! The BA String Quartet is available to hire for your wedding in Edinburgh, Fife, the Borders, central belt, indeed anywhere in Scotland, and some of England too! As specialists in music for weddings, the BA Quartet have unrivalled experience in providing appropriate atmospheric music over a wide range of private and corporate events, from the most intimate family weddings and parties to the largest international business events. An accomplished classical wedding music ensembles based near Berwickshire.

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The AU String Quartet in Berwickshire
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£450 - £1400
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The AU String Quartet is one of the most dynamic and promising string quartets currently emerging from UK conservatoires. Their brilliant and exciting playing captures audiences wherever they perform and has brought successes at competitions. Superb classical music for weddings in Berwickshire is a speciality of this ensemble.. They match each other beautifully in their instrumental virtuosity and their mature musicality and commitment.

The Quartet was formed at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow and have won numerous awards for their playing.

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More about Classical Music For Weddings

The Classical Music For Wedding pages list ensembles that are available to perform in Berwickshire. They are probably the most versatile music group for Weddings and Banquets. To find out more about them, read on:

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About Berwickshire

Berwickshire was formerly one of the ancient counties of Scotland, but was abolished in 1975 during local government reorganisation. Its county town, after which it is named, had been Berwick-upon-Tweed, but the royal burgh changed hands in 1482, subsequently becoming part of the county of Northumberland, in England. Thereafter the county's administration was conducted at Duns or Lauder until Greenlaw became the county town in 1596. When a county council was established in 1890 the county town once more became Duns, where the former county's Sheriff Court still sits, and where the Scottish Borders Council still maintains a principal set of offices.

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