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The Classical Pianist lists musicians who are available to perform in your area. They are particularly appropriate for the wedding breakfasts, dinners and evening entertainment. To find out more about them, read on:

Normally a pianist will supply their own electric piano or piano keyboard. Most wedding venues don't have pianos that are of sufficient quality or well tuned for a pianist to give a good performance. If your venue does have a high quality piano that you would like the pianist to play, please state this at the time of booking. Some are delighted to have a real, quality instrument to perform on, while others, who have had bad experiences of being expected to play on poor instruments, will only play their own piano.

Many classical pianists who play for weddings, banquets and parties are quite versatile, and will cover classical, jazz, evergreens and pop, but each pianist will have their speciality. So if you are looking for a classical pianist, this is the section to look in. In our Jazz Pianist section, some of the musicians will be the same, some different.

A piano is a solo instrument that can perform without accompaniment, being able to play tune and harmonies simultaneously. However, in our Classical Duos section you will find pianists playing with a variety of string and woodwind instruments.

One important thing to remember is that a piano is either not movable, or even with an electric piano, takes more time to move than a string quartet or similar. If playing in a restaurant or at a drinks reception, this is not a problem. If you are thinking of a pianist for your civil ceremony and reception, then you need to plan the logistics carefully.  Make sure, at the time of booking, that you make the requirement to move clear, including where to an at what point in the proceedings. We can then make sure that the pianists is able and happy to do this before confirming the booking.

Pianists are also traditionally booked for live music entertainment at restaurants, for cocktail parties, wedding anniversaries and cocktail bars. But that is not the limit. If you like piano music and have a location where they can set up their electric piano, then go ahead an hire one of our pianists.

For those who are looking for live entertainment wedding ideas on a budget, a pianist can be an excellent choice, as being just one person, they are less costly than a string quartet. A pianist will provide good background music (the instrument has enough volume to cope with a moderate level of background chatter), or can be used as a focal point for a wedding reception. Whether you are working to a tight budget, or are in the enviable position that money is no object, send us an enquiry to get a quote for the most appropriate pianists still available on your date.

Wedding ceremonies where you need to plan most carefully. If you are having a church wedding, then if the church has an organ it will normally have an organist that you have to use. If you need an organist, then some of our pianists are also excellent organists. Other pianists will play an organ to a lesser level e.g. to play hymns, Hornpipe from the Water Music etc. But it will need an full time organist to play something like Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. Of course, some churches have pianos or piano keyboards which a pianist could play.

If you are wanting a pianist to play for a civil ceremony at a hotel wedding venue or similar, then bear in mind that it takes 20 minutes or so to set up an electric piano keyboard and this would have to be done ahead of the guests being invited into the ceremony room. A classical wedding pianist would have a wide repertoire of the popular wedding songs to play as guests waited, for the processional music, during the signing of the register, and for the recessional music.

Usually the drinks reception is immediately after the ceremony, but bear in mind that the pianist would take some time to move location. If the venue is crowded, it might not be easy to move the instrument. So either plan the move properly, making sure that the staff or your wedding venue know what is happening and are on hand to help the move happen smoothly, or have the pianist for just the ceremony or the drinks reception and meal, but not both.

Are you intending to go outside with your guests. That depends normally on the facilities at your wedding venue, the time of year and your luck with the British weather. If the pianist is happy to take their instrument outdoors (some will, some won't), then plan sufficient time for the move. You will need to provide a safe power supply at the point where the piano will be situated. Normally this has to be put in place by the venue, possibly using an extension cable. Although a pianist will have the capability of connecting to a close by socket inside a venue, playing outside generally needs a long cable and needs it to be safely led outdoors without causing trip hazards, so this can not be done by the pianist.

Also, because the piano can't be moved quickly should there be a shower, the pianist would have to be under cover of some kind, be it a sufficiently large gazebo, or just inside the French windows of the hotel itself.

Other venue situations are normally straight forward for a pianist. It is a compact instrument, so locating in a suitable place is not normally an issue, so dining rooms, cocktail bars, village halls etc. are all fine.

Be realistic about the music you want the pianist to perform. Most will not play Rachmaninoff piano concertos and the like. Apart from it being quite inappropriate for background music, such pieces can’t be played effectively on the kind of instruments that are suitable for background music while people are eating or socialising. If you are wanting a classical recital, then please make that very clear at the time of booking.

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