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The Classical Singer pages list musicians who are available to perform in your area. They are particularly appropriate for the wedding breakfasts, dinners and evening entertainment. To find out more about them, read on:

The Classical Singers section of our website includes female and male soloists (e.g. sopranos and tenors), duos and larger vocal groups. Wedding singers, as soloists or duos, will perform in church or civil wedding ceremonies. However, we do not offer church choirs, as churches will normally have their own choirs associated with them that have to be booked for that church and many church choirs are not keen to perform at civil wedding venues.

Many of the top wedding songs that sopranos can perform have religious connections (e.g. the Bach and Schubert Ave Marias), and the repertoire of this kind for the voice is immense. Do bear in mind thought that music with religious connections is not permitted in a Civil Ceremony, but fortunately there is also a large non religious repertoire too.

Most sopranos, tenors and other classical singers also have a light music and jazz repertoire in addition to their Secular Classical and Religious Music. Check out the repertoire list for each performer. Be aware that none of these lists show their complete repertoire, they are just an indication of the styles of music they cover. Once you have booked the musician, you would discuss the music in detail directly with them.

The obvious difference is that they are singers rather than instrumentalists. However, if they are solo singers, they mostly need an instrumental accompaniment or use backing tracks. There are a limited number of songs that can be sung completely unaccompanied. Check in the write-up for each singer to see if they use backing tracks. If they do, they will bring their own equipment to play the tracks on. If it is to sing at a wedding, then often the organist would accompany the singer on organ or on piano if there is one in the church. Some wedding singers can provide an accompanist, but this is at extra cost unless our quote is for singer with accompanist, as a duo.

Other line ups of vocalists (duos, quartets and larger) may perform without instrumental accompaniment, but again, check the write up or if uncertain, ask before booking.

If you are in the midst of your wedding planning, and trying to decide on songs for weddings, particularly if it is church wedding music, then a soprano, tenor or larger ensemble may well be perfect for you. Email us an enquiry for an accurate cost for singers travelling to your venue.

If you are organising corporate event entertainment, then the tremendous impact of an operatic singer, duo or quartet can make a real statement about your business style and quality. So singers are not just for churches, they are for any situation where you want to make an impact in musical form.

If you are trying to decide between a soprano and a string quartet, here are some things to consider. A solo soprano or tenor takes up much less space than a string quartet, so has that added advantage for a tiny village church or civil ceremony room where room is tight. Where the quartet has an advantage is that they can play almost continuously for an hour or two, whereas an operatic soprano is more restricted in the time that they can actually sing for. At the end of the day, your choice of music should be about the music you love and letting the venue and musicians help you with resolving the logistics.

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