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Roman - Pianist in Surrey
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£260 - £510
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Roman is a professional, experienced, versatile and imaginative pianist whose repertoire embraces different genres including jazz standards, pop ballads, funk/soul, evergreens, latin music and modern tunes adapted to his unique style. He specializes in corporate and private functions, birthday parties, weddings, special occasions and receptions.

Jazz Pianist/ Singer - Yasmine in Surrey
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£340 - £670
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Yasmine's great love is pop, jazz and latin music. She learned her performance craft playing extensively in virtually every 5 star hotel in London, as well on the jazz circuit (Pizza Express Dean Street, The 606 Jazz Club, The Vortex, and regular concerts at Pizza on The Park). A Jazz Pianist to create a perfect atmosphere for your Surrey wedding or anniversary. An exceptionally musical child, she began playing the piano at the age of three, later auditioning but declining to attend the Yehudi Menuhin School when she discovered jazz, pop, soul and latin music at the age of 11. ...show more

Jazz Vocal/Pianist: Sharon in Surrey
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£160 - £500
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Sharon is a classically trained pianist, having studied at the Welsh College of Music and Drama. She went on to study jazz at Trinity College of Music and graduated last year with a Post Graduate Diploma in jazz.

She has worked with some of London's leading jazz musicians and has performed at jazz festivals in the U.K and abroad. Surrey is within this Jazz Pianist’s local performance area. To date she has played at The Songlines Festival 2011 at Kings Place, The Spice of Life, The Vortex and at Proud Cabaret. Past clients include Frevds, the Marriot ...show more

The AB Jazz Duo in Surrey
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£240 - £530
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Alice is a singer working alongside top pianists. An ideal Jazz Pianist for a wedding or dinner in Surrey. She provides the perfect entertainment for weddings, parties, restaurants and corporate events. Over the past 10 years she has been performing regularly in Jazz venues and for functions all over the UK.

Alice has a repertoire of hundreds of your favourite jazz, swing, latin, soul and blues standards from the Great American songbook including classics by Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Van Morrison, Sarah Vaughan a ...show more

The BD Jazz Duo in Surrey
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£440 - £670
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The BD Duo consists of a piano/keyboard and saxophone duo who play the great jazz standards of the 40s, 50s and 60s.

The duo sound will always be cool and calm, Misty, Stardust, Tenderly etc. The Jazz Pianist will add a touch of class to your event in Surrey. The duo play the world's great ballads plus a few of the classic upbeat standards such as Take Five, Blue Bossa etc.
Open to requests, the BD Duo are very adaptable!

The BD Duo regularly perform for functions and gigs in London.
With preference a piano would need to be at the venue, but the duo do ...show more

Jazz Pianist - Joe in Surrey
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£180 - £360
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Self-taught jazz pianist Joe plays the upbeat swinging style of 1950s mainstream / bebop, interspersed with stride, boogie & soul and inspired by piano jazz giants Oscar Peterson, Errol Garner, Art Tatum, Herbie Hancock, Bill Evans and Ray Charles. A Jazz Pianist to create a perfect atmosphere for your Surrey wedding or anniversary. He plays in the finest London hotels and clubs - The Private Members Club at The Ivy, The Lansdowne Club, Claridges, The Langham and 34 Grosvenor Square as a lounge pianist and in jazz groups. He leads his own piano trio and performs for Royalty and ...show more

CH Jazz Duo in Surrey
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£260 - £620
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Saxophonist Clare and pianist/vocalist Hilary have a long history of working together. Primarily jazz musicians they first met as members of the salsa band, Candela. Both play together in the Quartet, but also in this wonderful Duo. Surrey is within this Jazz Pianist’s local performance area. Their latest recording demonstrates their love of Latin music as well as Jazz.

NOTE: the sound samples are of the CH Quartet which incorporates the duo

The SC Jazz Duo in Surrey
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£330 - £780
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This is a world class smooth jazz duo consisting of James on Saxophone and Dan on Keyboards. Collectively and individually they have worked with the likes of: Andy Abraham, Bad Company, The Foundations, The Drifters, Mark Morrison, Junior, China Black, Kenny Thomas, The ACM Gospel Choir - to name but a few. An ideal Jazz Pianist for a wedding or dinner in Surrey.

The SC Duo provide top quality smooth jazz and soul for any event be it at a wedding, corporate event, party, cruise ship, etc. The Soul Collective come self contained including all the ...show more

The TC Jazz Duo in Surrey
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£210 - £590
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With her natural rhythm and phrasing, Tracey receives great compliments at virtually every performance she gives.
She has performed for audiences of up to five hundred people, at many of London's top venues including Whitehall, The Sheraton (Park Lane), Russell Hotel and The Renaissance Chancery Court Hotel, to name just a few. The Jazz Pianist will add a touch of class to your event in Surrey.

She has been requested to perform at a wide variety of events including the Ealing Jazz Festival, the Annual Conference Gala Dinner for the British Psychological ...show more

The HM Jazz Duo in Surrey
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£210 - £350
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The chances are you will have been wowed by Helen singing at top events such as The Ealing or Brecon Jazz Festivals, London Jazz Festival, Womad, The Spice of Life, or touring internationally with flautist Keith Waite or Yaaba Funk. She has played with many supreme artists such as the late great Gill Scott-Heron, Roy Ayers, Jean Toussaint and Omar Puento. Yul (piano) has held West End London residencies, performed at The Ivy, The Jazz Café and The Tabernacle as part of The London Jazz Festival ...show more

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The Jazz Pianist pages list musicians who are available to perform in Surrey. They are particularly appropriate for wedding receptions and parties. To find out more about them, read on:

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About Surrey

Although a vast commuter suburb to London with a dense population and many large sprawling towns relative to it's size, Surrey is an area rich in music, and has managed to retain some areas of natural beauty which provide relaxation and enjoyment for tired inhabitants. Perhaps the most important of these areas is the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which provides many of the best walking locations in the county. From west to east the sandy heaths, beech clad hills and rolling chalk land of the North Downs provide open space and very pleasant walking. Indeed, the most important routes in Surrey are the North Downs Way from Farnham to the Kent border and, on the southern parallel Greensand Ridge, the Greensand Way, from Haselmere to Limpsfield. The Vanguard Way also travels across Surrey during it's journey from London to the south coast.

We have made a list of some of the venues in Surrey that cater for weddings. Live music makes a tremendous difference to a wedding, so have a look at the kinds of music we can offer at these venues. For the evening one of our party bands, function bands or covers bands is a more exciting alternative to a disco. Another option would be a jazz band or ceilidh band, and for the afternoon, perhaps string quartet or harpist:

Close to London, Surrey is well blessed with excellent string quartets. Here are some of our quartets in the county: string quartets in surrey Jazz also has a strong footing in the area: jazz bands in surrey Always popular for a fun evening is a ceilidh: ceilidh bands in surrey or barn dance [really much the same thing]: barn dance bands in surrey Or have a look at all the kinds of music that we can offer for a wedding:

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