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The MJ Jazz Trio in Cornwall
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£490 - £590
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The MJ Jazz Trio are a professional West Country cocktail jazz piano/bass/drums trio, with literally hundreds of professional gigs behind them, mostly weddings, but also many private parties, dinners etc. A Cornwall Jazz Trio for all occasions.

They bring a vast repertoire of songs but minimal equipment, and are quite used to playing quietly in small rooms, very close to diners. Their aim is to contribute to the atmosphere of an occasion whilst being relatively unobtrusive and allowing your guests to conduct normal conversation.

The TM Jazz Band in Cornwall
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£290 - £430
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The TM Jazz Trio is a Gypsy jazz trio with a difference! Silky smooth baselines and tantalising harmonies and interwoven with fascinating rhythms to provide a breathtaking compliment to a range of virtuosic solos on guitar and violin.

The AL Jazz Trio in Cornwall
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£540 - £950
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The Al Jazz Trio are an experienced trio and one of the coolest bands around! From background dinner jazz, to up-beat songs, the trio can tailor a set list to suit any client's needs. Not just any Jazz Trio, this trio will be welcome at any Cornwall venue. With a wealth of experience playing for prestigious clients across the UK, the AL Jazz Trio will add a pleasant and sophisticated atmosphere to any event. Previous clients include the Defence Academy of The United Kingdom, BBC, the Manor House, ExCel London & Cardiff Museum. Led by saxophonist, Carlo, who is compl ... more

The SG Jazz Trio in Cornwall
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£630 - £1300
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With over ten years of experience performing internationally, The SG Trio's personal and highly professional service is guaranteed to make any occasion memorable. Cornwall is familiar territory for this Jazz Trio . With a unique and versatile repertoire of jazz classics and even personalised requests, their music is joyful, light and entertaining in equal measure.

The JH Jazz Trio in Cornwall
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£750 - £1000
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The JH Jazz Trio's music of choice is a vibrant blend of Gypsy Swing, jazz standards and funky latin, all mashed up with some snappy arrangements and played from the heart. A Cornwall Jazz Trio for all occasions.

Infectious rhythms played on an all-acoustic line-up of two guitars and double bass make the JH Jazz Trio a suitable addition for any event.

The AV Trio in Cornwall
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£380 - £500
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If the swing music of Duke Ellington, Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble and Jamie Cullum is your thing, then you will love the sound of the AV Trio.

This dynamic and versatile outfit perform many avenues of the
Jazz Standards Songbook along with the occasional Modern Jazz Tune to test their capabilities!. This Jazz Trio sets a perfect atmosphere for any Cornwall event.

The amazing footwork of Roger on Bass Pedals and his smooth sounding Vocals along with John’s Multi Instrumentalist talent, gives this trio the full sound of a quintet. Terry complements th ... more

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About Cornwall

The ancient county of Cornwall, blessed with a mild climate, spectacular craggy cliffs, beautiful coves, creeks and rolling moorland, is justifiably one of our favourite holiday destinations. The exceptionally mild south coast has sub tropical vegetation in places, whereas the north coast is exposed to the bracing Atlantic winds, making it popular for surfing. The small fishing villages are a delight, often nestled in steep combes and once the haunt of pirates. .

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