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The Wind Ensemble pages list ensembles that perform regularly for weddings in Sunderland. To get some wedding music ideas, read on:

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About Sunderland

Sunderland was once asunder-land that is land cut asunder, separated or put to one side. Sunderland is not mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086. Nevertheless by 1100 there was a fishing village at Sunderland. The village was made a town in 1154 when it was granted a charter. (A document granting the townspeople certain rights such as the right to hold a weekly market). The little town slowly grew. But it only had a population of a few hundred. It would seem tiny to us but settlements were very small in those days.

Other types of music

All Female String Quartets: Sunderland, County DurhamCovers Bands: Sunderland, County DurhamJazz Solos And Duos: Sunderland, County Durham
American Barn Dance Bands: Sunderland, County DurhamEnglish Barn Dance Bands: Sunderland, County DurhamJazz Trios: Sunderland, County Durham
Bands For New Year & Christmass: Sunderland, County DurhamFolk Solos And Duos: Sunderland, County DurhamLive Ceremony Music-Weddings: Sunderland, County Durham
Barn Dance Bands: Sunderland, County DurhamFunction Bands: Sunderland, County DurhamParty Bands: Sunderland, County Durham
Ceili and Barn Dances: Sunderland, County DurhamHarps: Sunderland, County DurhamPop Bands: Sunderland, County Durham
Ceilidh Bands: Sunderland, County DurhamHire Local Live Bands: Sunderland, County DurhamScottish Ceilidh Bands: Sunderland, County Durham
Classical Duos: Sunderland, County DurhamIrish Ceilidh Bands: Sunderland, County DurhamString Quartets: Sunderland, County Durham
Classical Guitarists: Sunderland, County DurhamJazz Bands: Sunderland, County DurhamWedding Ceremony Songs: Sunderland, County Durham
Classical Music For Weddings: Sunderland, County DurhamJazz Duos: Sunderland, County DurhamWedding Entertainers: Sunderland, County Durham
Classical Pianists: Sunderland, County DurhamJazz Guitarists: Sunderland, County DurhamWedding Music Bands: Sunderland, County Durham
Classical Singers: Sunderland, County DurhamJazz Pianists: Sunderland, County DurhamWedding Songs: Sunderland, County Durham
Classical Solos Duos And Trios: Sunderland, County DurhamJazz Quartets: Sunderland, County DurhamWedding String Quartets: Sunderland, County Durham

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