Music for Burns Nights and St Patricks days

Both Burns Night and St Patrick's Day are Celtic celebrations that are very similar in nature, but have very different Origins.

Burns was a poet and lyricist, whose subjects encompassed all aspects of society. He seems to have enjoyed parties, music and had a high appreciation of the ladies. Not only did he thoroughly enjoyed socializing, food and parties, but was an inspiration to the founders of Liberal and social Society and Culture in Scotland at that time and since.

So it is not so far from Robert Burns the man, to the partying and music and poetry of the typical Burns Night that we know today. But not so with St Patrick. Patrick, a 5th century missionary and Bishop in Ireland. Whilst certainly reflecting the culture of the country he is unlikely to have had such a wild time as Burns apparently had, (though one can never tell.) But in the true Spirit of the Irish, the Festival of St Patrick is now an occasion for music,  fun and socialising.  

Burns was fun loving and enjoyed food song and parties.  Quite different from St Patrick,  but both celebrations have ended up has excuses for a rollicking Good Time.