Consider a Harpist playing for your Wedding

Harps are beautiful instruments and a harpist can form a focal point for your wedding ceremony or drinks reception. Whether yours is a church wedding or a civil wedding ceremony, whether the venue is large or small, a wedding harpist can be a centrepiece around which guests can gather in what can be a very hectic day.

Harp music performed by a really good wedding harpists can be heard even when people are socialising, but without being obtrusive or dominant. It can be heavenly processional and recessional music at your wedding ceremony, elegant background music at your drinks reception, or high class entertainment as a centrepiece at your wedding breakfast.

Music for your civil or church wedding ceremony

A harpist playing at your wedding ceremonay can add romance and removes the silence as your guests wait for your entrance. As the bride makes her bridal entrance, the harpist can play the entrance music that you have chosen and agreed with them.

During the signing of the register and the photographs taken by your wedding photographer, then your guest, the harpist would play five to ten minutes of music, retaining the romantic atmosphere.

Then, as the couple made their exit, the harpist would play an upbeat piece as couple then guests left the ceremony room / church.

A Centrepiece for you Drinks Reception and Wedding Breakfast

After the wedding ceremony, the harpist can move to a new location to play during drink and photographs. Bear in mind that a harp is a large instrument and can not be moved as quickly as a string quartet can move, so find just one location for them to play in.  But please be aware that many harpists are not willing to play outdoors, or if they will, only in the very best weather conditions, as both humidity and heat adversely affects a harp. So if you would like the harpist to play in the grounds of your venue, it is important that you tell as at the booking stage, so that we can check in advance if the harpist you are wishing to book for your wedding is happy to play on the terrace, for example. We can also give you information about the facilities they need and limitations if they are happy to go outdoors at your wedding venue.

Being totally practical, a great aspect of wedding harpists is that you only have one musician and a relatively compact instrument to find space for at your venue, needing only an area of 3m x 4m. For a larger venue or marquee, they might bring a small amplifier, and will then need mains power supply within 6 meters of where they are to play.

Extensive repertoire

There are two kinds of harp that could be played by wedding harpists, depending on whether you are booking a classical or a folk harpist; most play the big pedal or concert harp but some Folk Harpists play the smaller Celtic harp. Which ever kind of harpist you have booked, they are beautiful instruments in look and sound. The concert harp is a beautiful instrument and is more versatile in the range of music that can be played, but needs time and care to move from one place to another. The Celtic harp is a smaller instrument that can be moved more easily than the full concert instrument and is usually used to play Scottish, Irish or Welsh folk music.

Concert harpists will usually have a wide repertoire that covers baroque, classical, light music from shows and films etc. Check out their repertoire on our website, each harpist is different

Harpists can be booked to play for just your wedding service or civil partnership ceremony but can also be hired to perform at your reception and meal, or indeed for any part of your wedding day. All are experts in choosing the right music for each part of your special day, so do discuss the music with them beforehand.