Crazy Christmas Party Entertainment!

It might be spring or summer now, with the sun shining, but it's still time to thing about Christmas if you are wanting the best price for the best band (See Booking Ahead). Bands get booked 6 month to a year or more ahead. Don't be left having to pay to get your party band or ceilidh band from the other side of the country and having to pay their travel costs.

So what is the ideal Christmas Party Band? It is what YOU like, not what I like or anyone else likes, that is the best. Most people think of a Function Band or Jazz band or jazz quartet, but others go for a Barn Dance, where everyone can get involved, from the youngest to the oldest (and the music isn't so loud you can't hear yourself talk). For others it is a civilised string quartet or classical guitarists for posh meal.

Themed parties are popular, particularly for company events, so it might be a Yee Haa American Barn Dance, complete with rodeo bucking bronco ride at one end of the dance floor, or a 60's band where you get out your oldest clothes (or borrow stuff from your parents or grandparents, all depending how old you are!)

The big challenge is how much can you stretch your imagination to make this a party that is out of the ordinary, exceptional, fab fun for everyone. Don't delay, think away and then get your band, your party centrepiece, booked and invitations out.