Covers Bands for your wedding@Bell Tower Hotel, Prescot, Merseyside

Live music- from weddings to parties, makes it all the more memorable. Our site has a selection of covers bands that perform in your county. The lively The ST Beatles Tribute Band to party, party, party. Some party bands will cover anything from Dusty Springfield to Earth Wind and Fire, to Abba, Chuka Khan to Stevie Wonder, Nora Jones to Anastasia. Others specialise in an era. There are more live music groups for you to see at: Covers Bands who cover this area. An example of what has been written about this wedding venue: Bell Tower Hotel, Merseyside


Midsummer Music have provided live music groups to play at many hundreds of venues, including many of the venues mentioned on our web site. Our clients and venues have been pleased with our performances and we have many kind notes of thanks in our archives.. Notwithstanding, our inclusion of venues on these pages implies no connection or promotion of either us by the venue, or the venue by us. Venue details are from government registries and are correct to the best of our knowledge.

Fabulous motown bands at Midsummer Music. Covers bands to jazz guitarists for Bell Tower Hotel, Merseyside