Covers Band for your wedding@Boughton Pumping Station, Newark, Nottinghamshire

Live music- from weddings to parties, enhances the memories. Find out more about our covers bands to perform your favourite music. The tremendous The RP Party / Covers Band splendid entertainment and excellent music. Whether you chose a band whose mission to bring you the latest dance floor hits from today's favourite artists with unrivalled energy and passion, or a band who take you back to a past era, we may have just the band for you. Other bands and ensembles who can play a this venue:- Covers Bands If you would like to know more, email us date, venue location, time and band reference number, for a quotation.. A quote re, the wedding venue: Boughton Pumping Station, Newark, Nottinghamshire, Notts.

"North Nottinghamshire Enterprises is excited to announce that as from Friday 8th September 2006, it is now the new owner and manager of Boughton Pumping Station. This means that the Pumping Station will continue to operate as a business conference and meeting venue and also as serviced office accommodation to the businesses that are based there. After news in January 2006 that the pumping station was due to close, North Nottinghamshire Enterprises have worked hard to put forward a case to the previous owners Boughton Pumping Station Partnership Trust to take over the building in Boughton, Nottinghamshire."

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