Covers Bands for your wedding@Mills Observatory, Balgay Park, Dundee, Angus, Scotland

Recorded music just doesn't have the class of a live music group. We have several covers bands who play regularly in this area. The marvellous The MB Band ; make the evening go with a buzz. Whether you chose a band whose mission to bring you the latest dance floor hits from today's favourite artists with unrivalled energy and passion, or a band who take you back to a past era, we may have just the band for you. Find other related music groups at Covers Bands If you would like to know more, email us date, venue location, time and band reference number, for a quotation.. A short quotation from a description of this wedding venue from another source: Mills Observatory, Angus, Scotland

"The Mills Observatory is the UK?s only full-time public observatory. It is the only British observatory to have been built with the sole aim of encouraging public understanding of science. Mills Observatory is located in Balgay Park , on the wooded summit of Balgay Hill, one mile west of Dundee City Centre. The building provides several different aspects for your civil marriage. The southerly facing Sun Terrace provides a large open terrace area with stunning vistas of the river Tay and Fife and will accommodate up to 30 guests. Larger weddings may also be held on the steps of the Observatory or in the surrounding grounds."


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