Covers Bands for your wedding@Cottage Delight at Number 64, Leek, Staffordshire

Ceilidh to Jazz, a live performance gives a totally different experience. Consider some of our superb covers bands to entertain your guests. The punchy The HG Function Band to party, party, party. Whether you want an Abba tribute show, or a broadly based band that can do music from the 60s or before, to the present day, we can have something for you in our broad range of bands. Hear more examples of similar live music bands at: Covers Bands Take time to look and listen. Good wedding venues have much written about them, e.g. Cottage Delight at Number 67, Staffordshire

"Number 64, a tall, red-brick and handsome Georgian terraced house, is in a street in the centre of Leek with parking restrictions - but as we arrive after 6.30, we don't have to worry about those. When you press the bell a smiling uniformed girl answers. As this is a traditional town house, you walk into a tiny hall with a steep staircase leading upstairs. Below is the Cellar Wine Bar. Rooms typically have cream-painted furniture, which, if it were in miniature, would be perfect for a doll's house. It's all old, carefully chosen and consists of a matching small set of drawers, a decorative wardrobe with drawers beneath and a small table with a mirror and chair."

Midsummer Music have provided live music groups to play at many hundreds of venues, including many of the venues mentioned on our web site. Our clients and venues have been pleased with our performances and we have many kind notes of thanks in our archives.. However, the references to various venues on these pages implies no connection or promotion of either us by the venue, or the venue by us. Venue details are from government registries and are correct to the best of our knowledge.

Hire your surprise wedding singers at Midsummer Music. Covers bands to string quartets for Cottage Delight at Number 67, Staffordshire