Covers Band for your wedding@Newsholme Manor, Keighley, Yorkshire

Live music, a cost effective addition to the event. Our website has a selection of covers bands who could perform at your venue. The swinging The TL Party Band for a terrific experience. Our bands are all good, but that's not what is most important. Chosing a band that plays what you enjoy in the way that you enjoy, is paramount More live music bands for you at: Covers Bands Click the 'Send enquiry' button and email us for more information.. An example of what has been written about this wedding venue: Newsholme Manor, Yorkshire

"Newsholme Manor is a small, family run restaurant in the heart of Bronte country. A cosy, warm setting surrounded by beautiful setting provides an excellent dining service. Friendly staff and customers make the whole experience thoroughly worthwhile."

Midsummer Music organise music groups across the country, including some of the venues mentioned on our web site. Our musicians and their professionalism has been appreciated by our clients and venue. Nevertheless, entries about venues implies no connection or promotion of either us by the venue, or the venue by us. Venue details are from government registries and are correct to the best of our knowledge.

Hire a rat pack tribute band at Midsummer Music. Covers bands to jazz guitarists for Newsholme Manor, Yorkshire