Function Band for your wedding@Bramall Hall, Stockport, Cheshire

Live music adds something special to every occasion. Our site has a selection of function bands for your event at this venue. The marvellous The RX Covers Party Band ; make the evening go with a buzz. Whether you chose a band whose mission to bring you the latest dance floor hits from today's favourite artists with unrivalled energy and passion, or a band who take you back to a past era, we may have just the band for you. More live music bands for you at: Function Bands If you would like to know more, email us date, venue location, time and band reference number, for a quotation.. An example of what has been written about this wedding venue: Bramall Hall, Cheshire

"Bramall Hall is one of Cheshire's grandest black and white timber-framed buildings. It is a manor house built in the traditional local style. The framework is constructed with oak timbers, joined together using mortice and tenon joints and held in place with oak pegs. Wattle and daub (interlaced twigs crudely coated with clay) or lath (thin narrow strops of wood) and plaster were used to fill the spaces between the timbers."


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