Function Band for your wedding@Deanwater Hotel, Woodford, Cheshire

Classical to pop, live ensembles and bands make all the difference. Select one of the function bands who are local to your area. The great The FF Party Band to party, party, party. Our bands are all good, but that's not what is most important. Chosing a band that plays what you enjoy in the way that you enjoy, is paramount There are more live music groups for you to see at: Function Bands Click the 'Send enquiry' button and email us for more information.. The wedding venue has been advertised with these words: Deanwater Hotel, Cheshire

"Our two larger suites, the Balmoral and the Gold, are both elegantly decorated with access to the beautifully manicured gardens, providing ideal surroundings for your photographs."


We and our musicians take pride in the quality of music we provide However, the references to various venues on these pages implies no connection or promotion of either us by the venue, or the venue by us. Venue details are from government registries and correct to the best of our knowledge.

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