Weddings & Parties around Slimbridge Gloucestershire

Bookings in recent years include:

"Forthampton Gloucester " GL19 4RE

Motorcycle owners club The AF Rock/Covers Band ref: 5910


Five miles from Berkeley Castle and on the Berkeley Estate is the Wildfowl Trust, founded by Peter Scott. This has the world's largest and most varied collection of wildfowl, in beautiful surroundings. There are more than 2500 swans, geese and ducks of 160 species, and there are six flocks of flamingoes. . The most spectacular sight is in winter, when thousands of wild geese find sanctuary in the Severn Estuary. From towers on the Wildfowl Trust land, the geese can be seen feeding.

"Elmore Gloucestershire GL2 3NT

Wedding The PS String Duo ref: 6249

Marquee in front of Avionics House, Kingsway Business Park, Quedgeley, Gloucester, GL2 4SN Agents Reception The SB Jazz Duo ref: 3041.1.1

Highnam Court, Highnam, Gloucester GL2 8DP

two wings and three floors, the court was built in 1658 in place of a damaged early building which suffered badly in the Civil War. It has magnificent gardens.

Appeal for village amenities The MS Flute & String Quartet ref: 2001.2

Courtyard, The Steadings Business Centre, Maisemore Court, Maisemore, Gloucester GL2 8EY

Launch of new offices The AM Jazz Duo ref: 3052


An old town of timbered, black-and-white houses and good inns, where the Severn and Avon meet. The town is steeped in history. It was the site of a Yorkist victory in the Wars of the Roses in 1471. Parts of the bridge, which crossed the Avon in the 13th century, are included in the present-day King John's Bridge. Among the I3th and 14th-century inns are the Royal Hop Pole Inn, mentioned in The Pickwick Papers, the timber-framed Bell Inn, and The Black Bear. The 16th-century Tudor House, now a hotel, has a priest's hole (a hiding place) in the chimney of what is now a coffee room. The town's most impressive building is the abbey, with a magnificent 132 ft high Norman tower.

Coach House, Chambers Court, Longdon, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. GL20 6AS

Wedding The Ringerike 4 piece Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4003.3

St Mary's Church, Longdon church and Chambers Court, Longdon, GL20 6AS

Wedding The MS Flute & String Quartet ref: 2001.2

Hilton Puckrup Hall Hotel, Tewksbury, Gloucestershire.GL20 6EL

the hotel has two parts, the original white painted and columned mansion, and the new multiroom complex adjacent to the golf course. When playing for a wedding at this venue, one has to be sure to know which part is being used for your particular wedding ceremony, as there are often a number of weddings going on at the same time. It would be bad form to play at the wrong wedding! The old house as the best acoustics for the wedding ceremony and wedding reception, as the acoustics are reverberant and makes the most of the music. The new part of the hotel is best for ceilidh bands and jazz bands, is acoustically their more attenuated by thick carpets and acoustic deadening panels, so more suitable for amplified music where reverberation can be a problem. But in reality, any kind of music ensemble can play in any part of this magnificent hotel.

Evening Wedding Reception The Ringerike 4 piece Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4003.3

Wedding DL Jazz Quintet ref: 3010.1

60th birthday party The SB Jazz Duo ref: 3041.1

Wedding The MS Flute & String Quartet ref: 2001.2

Wedding Evening Reception The TG Function Band ref: 6073

"Lincoln Green Lane, Tewkesbury" GL20 7DN

50th Birthday Party The RT Party Band ref: 5599

Wedding The MS Flute & String Quartet ref: 2001.2

WEDDING The MS Flute & String Quartet ref: 2001.2

Silver Wedding Anniversary The Ringerike 4 piece Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4003.3

40TH BIRTHDAY PARTY The RR Covers Duo ref: 5888

Wedding The Ringerike 4 piece Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4003.3

Wedding The FW Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4739

Upton St. Leonards, GL4 8ED

Wedding The MB English Barn Dance Band ref: 4315

Bowden Hall Hotel, Bondend Lane, Upton St Leonards, Gloucester GL4 8ED.

This Georgian country house hotel is set in 12 acres of parkland. Although the large evening reception room does have a collar minute, this doesn't get in the way of ceilidhs and barn dances. The room in which wedding ceremony is often held factories three windows onto the railings balcony and has plenty of room for a string quartet or harpist playing.

Wedding The MS Flute & String Quartet ref: 2001.2

Wedding The MB English Barn Dance Band ref: 4315


This little town at the junction of five valleys is being modernised yearly, and its quaint, steep streets are becoming fewer. It is an old wool town, still famous for its West of England cloth and dye trade; but it has other more modern industries. Above the town is Minchinhampton Common, a 6oo-acre National Trust property giving fine views over the Golden Valley.

"George Street, Stroud," GL5 1AE

10th Civil Partnership Anniversary Party The Ringerike 4 piece Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4003.3

"Church Place, Rodborough Stroud" GL5 3NF

Fund raising Ceildh for building funds The Ringerike Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4003.2

"The Snow Mill,Bridge Road, Ebley, Stroud, GL5 4TR

Private Party The LR Barn Dance/ Ceilidh Band ref: 6218.2

The Bear of Rodborough Hotel Rodborough Common Stroud Gloucestershire GL5 5DE

I remember the first time we played at this venue many years ago, the road from the Stroud direction up onto the high ground of Rodborough common where the hotel is, was closed for roadworks. We had to do some very fast driving to cope with long detours, but was arrived in plenty of time to set up and perform for the wedding. The venue dates from the 17th century and was originally a coaching in, so although we've often played their with our string quartets it is particularly relevant to the folk music of ceilidh and barn dances.

Wedding The BS String Quartet ref: 2513

The Queens Hotel, The Promenade, Cheltenham, GL50 1NN

this huge colonnaded white hotel looks out onto the public gardens near the centre of the town. Although it can be difficult to park in that area, they do keep a parking place with a ceilidh band or string quartet. I recall arriving on one occasion with a string quartet ready to set up, and there was a lady in jeans and casual top doing the flower arrangements. We chatted for a bit, and I was surprised when she announced that she was the bride. Shortly after she disappeared and reappeared in beautiful wedding dress as she made her grand entrance to our music, only 20 minutes later. Normally prides take hours to get ready, but she wasn't having any of that. She appeared immaculate and beautiful with none of the usual messing about.

Wedding Midsummer String Quartet ref: 2001.1

Dean Close School, Shelburne Road, Cheltenham, Glos. GL51 6HE

St Patricks night Ringerike 5 piece Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4003.1

"Hatherley Ln, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire " GL51 6PN

Wedding The TM String Quartet ref: 2907

Deerhurst Church & Harrow Farm, Elmstone Hardwicke, Nr Cheltenham Glos GL51 9TF GL51 9TF

the church is Saxon, and is in the grounds of what was once a Saxon monastery with Beryl remains dating to the seventh century. The church has some interesting brasses and ornate carvings, and his acoustically excellent for a string quartet at the wedding ceremony.

Wedding The MS Flute & String Quartet ref: 2001.2