Bookings for Weddings and Parties around Ringwood and the New Forest Hampshire

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This is a great county for music. It is a real mixture of rural villages and village halls and wealthy stately homes, some dedicated to weddings, and plush hotels. So there is tradition and wealth mixed together, where folk music and the traditions of barn dancing are vibrant at the one end of the scale and the culture of classical music and the string quartet and harp sit at the other. In the middle are the fun and abandon of jazz bands and function bands. All in all, this makes for a very musical county, with parties a plenty from the yachting fraternity of the Solent, and weddings a major industry in the New Forest National Park and surroundings. And of course, no matter where in the world you are, there are birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate, all requiring live music to make the most of the occasions.

So, how does this land of chalk hills relate to the music business. Music is a reflection of humanity, and humanity is a reflection of the countryside and the towns and villages in which the community is embedded. The bare uplands of Salisbury Plain are the hub of southern England's chalk-lands. The Marlborough Downs spread north, and the hills of Dorset stretch south-west. The North and South Downs extend eastwards across Hampshire

Saxon Wessex was predominantly farming country and, outside the towns, so it remains today. There are sheep and wheat on the hills; some fine dairy land in central Dorset and along the Hampshire river valleys; beef cattle in all the counties; hops in the east, round Alton; and strawberries in the Southampton-Portsmouth coastal belt. Apple orchards, though, are a rarity except for some in Dorset. Left to themselves the soils of southern England produce scrub and down grass, beech groves and yews (the yew is called the 'Hampshire weed'), birches and oaks.

The holiday activities of the south are centred on Bournemouth. Behind its 6 miles of sea-front is a broad swathe of hotels and boarding houses, and in the summer season its normal population of 150,000 is doubled by visitors. By contrast, the New Forest is a vast and virtually unspoilt tract of virgin land. It attracts thousands of summer visitors, even if surprisingly few of them venture far from the main roads. Southern England has its share of stately homes, but perhaps its greatest


architectural wealth lies in the manor houses—some of them little more than prosperous farmhouses. There is one in almost every village. To this day most villages maintain their medieval structure, with a manor house, a church, a farm, often a village green and pond, and then the cottages—thatched and limewashed, looking as smart as ever.

Hampshire is the most diverse of southern England's counties, with sharp town and country divisions. Like all the south it is largely chalk country, but the county is rich also in trees, and in the south the spur of the South Downs running into Sussex is clad with 'hangers'—the hillside copses characteristic of the village of Selborne, which was immortalised by the writings of the 18th-century naturalist Gilbert White.

The Isle of Wight's resorts are charmingly set on a coastline of chalk downlands; but its inland villages such as Godshill, Bonchurch and Mottistone hold the essence of an island which visitors—'overners', as the islanders call them—do not always have time to appreciate.

Stonehenge and Woodhenge in Wiltshire, along with grave-mounds throughout the area, and Avebury on the Marlborough Downs, are the most important survivals of prehistoric Britain; it is hard to believe that these great bare uplands were once the main inhabited region of southern England and a place of European importance. By contrast, the county town of Salisbury lies among fertile water-meadows, and the sight of its cathedral spire rising above the trees was a compelling subject for John Constable and for hundreds of lesser painters.


A busy market town on the Avon, at the western end of the New Forest, and a centre for trout fishing. There are some attractive old houses. The Duke of Monmouth was taken prisoner near the town after the 1685 rebellion as he tried to reach the coast to flee the country.

 Below, are some of the venues our musical ensembles have performed at. To see all the available music groups in Hampshire, you can go to the following pages

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Queen's Head, The Cross, Burley, Ringwood, Hampshire. , BH24 4AB, Hampshire


Wedding The PA Function Band ref: 5509.1


A pleasant, compact village off the main routes linking Southampton and Bournemouth. Though at its centre barely more than a strect-and-a-half, it has an attractive inn, The Queen's Head, which has a display of hunting trophies. In the hunting season, a great concourse of forest dwellers turn out for the meet in Burley. A good walk leads northwards to Picket Post, and near by the route of an early smugglers' road can be traced among the fine beeches of Ridley Wood.

Barn, New Forest Cider, Pound Lane, Burley, Hampshire. , BH24 4ED, Hampshire

  this a wonderful place that Pru's side in the traditional way. It's actually in the pretty village of Burley, and has its own orchards growing English apples. They also buy some of their cider apples from Herefordshire, which is just over the hill from where I live in Worcestershire. Think of tried the cider, and it compares well with Herefordshire brews such as westerns cider.


Cider pressing weekend The SH Irish Folk Band ref: 4490.2

Barn, New Forest Cider, Pound Lane, Burley, Hampshire. , BH24 4ED, Hampshire

 as well as putting on their events like this, their facilities for personal events, since this one.

Mum's  60th b'day/40th anniversary party The AC Trad Jazz Band ref: 6549

New Milton, Hampshire, BH25 5XA, Hampshire

 Private party The AJ Jazz Band ref: 3921.1

The Alice Lisle Rockford Common, Ringwood, Hampshire , BN20 0BB, Hampshire

  a great place for a wedding reception, this pub and restaurant was once the Rockford primary school. Perhaps there's a connection between his wedding anniversary barn dance and the primary school proceeded the pub, as once upon a time folk dancing was an integral part of all primary school education. I can remember at my junior school having regular country dance lessons. Some schools still do this, and is a great thing, especially when the pupils grow up and get married, as it means that they know how to dance.


The wedding receptions here, I wonder what the groom's attitude would be to knowing that Judge Jeffreys once tried Lady Alice. For him, the wedding reception might be something of a trial, until he has performed his wedding speech (unless of course, he is adept at public speaking. I remember at my wedding it was something of a trial!)


40th wedding anniversary  The ML Ceilidh/ Barn Dance Band ref: 4375.2

Chewton Glen hotel - Walled GardenNew Milton, New Forest, Hampshire, BN25 6QS, Hampshire

 this hotel, on the fringes of the new Forest, dates from 1732, but became a hotel somewhere around the 1960s. Specialising in weddings, in sumptuous surroundings and with lavish and top class food, this is a place where our string quartet play for the wedding ceremony, followed by the drinks reception, and is in this particular case and if not evening the covers band.

Wedding ceremony - Emma and Adam The WF Acoustic Covers Duo ref: 6186

whitchurch hampshire, CF14 2AD, Hampshire

 Six roads converge on this small town on the upper Test, and their traffic somewhat overwhelms it. There is an old coaching inn, The White Hart, where wedding receptions, birthday celebrations and wedding anniversaries often take place, and a silk mill on the river, once water-driven but now powered by electricity. The mill stands on the site of a corn mill mentioned in the Domesday Book. A footpath from the village crosses the river twice on its way to the hamlet of Tufton, which has a manor house, two splendid barns still in use, watercress beds, a Norman church and a bridge which used to carry a railway over the river.

Wedding The SS String Trio ref: 2771.2





Leez Priory, Falkners Close, Ancells Farm, Fleet, Hampshire, CM3 1JP

this Tudor mansion set in 40 acres of gardens and parkland, including sweeping lawns and lakes are just perfect for a string quartet play in during reception drinks, and the spectacular great Hall that has excellent acoustics for classical ensemble such as a harp or string quartet, but can also accommodate a barn dance or ceilidh band or jazz band, this is a wedding venue through and through.

It is as a church ceremony, where string quartet or harpist maybe playing for the entrance the bride down the aisle, during the signing the register and as the couple make their exit prior to photographs in the church grounds, Leez Priory can accommodate up to 74 guests at the wedding breakfast and a staggering 250 guests for the evening wedding reception and party. If yours is a civil wedding ceremony, then there are seven different licensed ceremony settings for you to choose from.

Wedding Evening Reception The CM Scottish Ceilidh Band ref: 6295.1

Milestones Living History Museum, Basingstoke Leisure Park, Churchill Way West, BASINGSTOKE, Hampshire. , RG22 6PG, Hampshire this is a complete Victorian

this is a complete Victorian to 1930s town, but all indoors. How's that for attacking British weather! As a string quartet player, I always dread the showery days, with bride and groom expect you to play outside on the lawns, which were likely to get drenched at any moment. Harpists normally refuse to take their instruments out of doors, unless the weather is absolutely perfect. With jazz band or ceilidh band that uses an amplification system, forming outsiders fraught with problems. It can take half an hour to backup electrical equipment and get it indoors again should there be sudden rain, and electrical equipment and water are obviously dangerous. Therefore for an outdoor performance, the Hiram must provide a marquee or other shelter the jazz band.

No such problems with this museum, almost being like outdoors, but guaranteed no rain. Rather like being on honeymoon in the Bahamas! Why do people have to go abroad for the civil wedding ceremony on the beach in some tropical island, and they can have it in guaranteed dryness here in Hampshire!

So in this case, we had a Burns night. Not bad ah.

Charity Burns Night The ML Ceilidh/ Barn Dance Band ref: 4375

The Purefoy Arms, Alresford Road, Preston Candover, Hampshire. , G25 2EJ, Hampshire

 an atmospheric old brick pub, with undulating tiled roof and real fireplaces inside. Just the right place for a jazz band or folk group.

25th Wedding Anniversary The AJ Jazz Band ref: 3921.2

The Officers Mess, Keogh Barracks, Ash Vale, Hampshire., GU12 5RQ, Hampshire

 this is next to the museum of military medicine, and spans enormous period for English Civil War to the present day. Obviously the perfect place to put on a barn dance for a ceilidh, as I'm always worried about people falling over and hurting themselves as they cavort about having a wonderful time (though it never happens) but on this occasion things were much more sedate, with a jazz band accompanying a dinner, (though sedate is hardly a word for the live yuppie jazz this jazz quartet plays)


it's always particularly pleasing to provide musicians from military event, because the services themselves have such brilliant musicians. I've played with many ex-servicemen musicians, who can normally play not only military band music, but have to play a stringed instrument, guitar plus a woodwind instrument, and can turn their hand to classical, jazz, folk and even step into a function band. Because of cuts in the services expenditure, there are far fewer musicians in the services than they used to be. But nevertheless, the military know and appreciate their music.

DINNER NIGHT The EJ Jazz Quartet ref: 3749.1

Farnborough Airshow, Hall 3, Booth D60 (State of South Carolina booth) Queens Roundabout  Farnborough Hampshire, GU14 6AZ, Hampshire

 how I wish that I could being the person performing at the Farnborough air show. Jazz guitarist was a very lucky person to be there. I remember well going to the Farnborough air show on many occasions during my schooldays, because my father worked for what was then that have and aircraft company. For a young lad this was perfect. I'm not sure how music goes at an airshow, because my only experience of this was being drowned out by the Red Arrows at a wedding where I was playing.


I was playing with my string quartet in the gardens hotel, for the wedding drinks reception, after we had played the civil ceremony. We just about to start playing the piece of music, when the best man came over to say that we may have to stop playing shortly, because the Red Arrows were about to fly past, it was definitely a surprise for the groom. Well, there's no sign of an aircraft, so we dived into the next piece of music, but spot on time to the nearest few seconds, the whole squadron in formation with red and blue smoke trailing, flew over us at low altitude. A string quartet can make quite a noise when he wants to, but certainly no competition for the Royal Air Force. We stopped, or rather, we were stopped. (Yes you guessed, the groom was in the air force.)


Farnborough Airshow Jazz Guitar - Mark ref: 3451

Farnborough Masonic Centre, 37 Alexandra Road, Farnborough, Hampshire. , GU14 6BS, Hampshire

 Masonic Centre is what was part of a brewery, so very relevant banquets regularly held the. Honda how they manage though, between the Farnborough air show, when ceremonies could be interrupted by the noise of the aircraft?

Charity fundraising ceilidh The CS Barn Dance / Ceilidh Band ref: 4302.3

Parish Hall, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 7AP, Hampshire

 this large and relatively new building is kindly made available to local community and other organisations outside of the church. They host concerts, dinners, dances birthdays and reunions, and of course weddings.

Bowling Club Social The SF English Barn Dance Band ref: 4453.1

Royal Engineers' Officers' Mess,  Minley, Hampshire. , GU17 9LP, Hampshire

Burns Supper The WS Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4343

Royal Engineers' Officers' Mess,  Minley, Hampshire. , GU17 9LP, Hampshire

Burns Supper The KF Barn Dance / Ceilidh Band ref: 4522.2

ceilidhs are obviously popular with Royal Engineers, but I suppose that is hardly surprising as ceilidh dancing is a good logical engineering process, but in true military style it has to cope with many unexpected mishaps. It doesn't matter if you don't know how to dance, mishaps and confusions are a major part of the fun.

Church Centre, The Firs, Portsmouth Road, Liphook, Hampshire, , GU30 7DJ, Hampshire

 a very modern building, with plenty of windows and light inside, a very big contrast to the beautiful traditional church of St Mary's the lies just north of Liphook. It would have been a perfect place for a ceilidh, provided the architects got the acoustics right and it wasn't too echoey.

40th Birthday Party The KF Ceilidh Band ref: 4441

The Tithe Barn, Old Ditcham Farm, Ditcham Nr. Petersfield, Hampshire, GU31 5RQ, Hampshire

 the barn is built on land gifted by the Lord of the Manor of Harting, back in 1273, to the Abbey of Durford. Very appropriately from building that was connected with an Abbey, it is licence for wedding ceremonies, but of course they will be civil ceremonies. Being an immensely tall building with no false roofs and low ceilings as one finds in modern wedding venues, the acoustics are superb for string trio or soprano may be performing during the wedding ceremony itself. But where such a venue excels is for putting on a ceilidh at the evening wedding reception. There is space aplenty, and the height means the laughing and shouting of the happy dances doesn't drown out the music of the band.

Wedding Evening Reception - Jonathan and Lucy The SH Irish Ceilidh Band ref: 4490.1

The  Manor Barn, Buriton, near Petersfield in Hampshire, GU31 5RT, Hampshire

Buriton is a quiet village where the historian Edward Gibbon (1737-94) spent his boyhood in the Georgian manor house which still stands. In the evening its large rectangular pond presents a memorable spectacle when the wild duck take wing. South of the village there are footpaths through Queen Elizabeth Forest, which covers the slopes of the South Downs and is now the Queen Elizabeth Country Park. Butser Hill, 888 ft, i mile west, is a viewpoint from which, on clear days, the sea can be seen beyond glorious countryside.


wedding The SM Barn Dance/ Ceilidh Band ref: 4444

The Five Bells Buriton, HIGH STREET BURITON Petersfield Hampshire, GU31 5RX, Hampshire

 yet another Hampshire pub of great character, with bare wooden floors in places, beams aplenty, and dining room with chandeliers. What a wonderful place for a birthday party!


Petersfield is seen by most people as merely a punctuation mark on the London-Portsmouth road; but it deserves better, for it has some splendid old houses in Sheep Street, Dragon Street and College Street, and an attractive bow-windowed inn. Stoner Hill, 2 miles north on the Alresford road, is well wooded and offers good views over the valley

Birthday Party The SP Ceilidh/ Barn Dance Band ref: 4560.3


East Meon, Nr Petersfield, Hampshire, , GU32 1HQ, Hampshire


An outstandingly beautiful village where Izaak Walton, the 17th-century author of The Cvmpleal Angler, stayed to fish the River Meon which runs under and beside the village's main street. The village is still an important centre for trout fishing. The 14th-century Court House can be visited by appointment. To the south is unspoilt downland country, and there are good walks up Salt Hill.


Afternoon Reception Angela's Jazz Band ref: 3921.3

Langrish House, Langrish, Peterfield, Hampshire. , GU32 1RN, Hampshire

home to 7 generations of the Talbot-Ponsonby family, is located near the South Downs National Park. Civil wedding ceremonies can take place indoors, in the panelled room or outdoors in a wedding bothy. On this occasion it was an Irish ceilidh band the provide the entertainment evening reception.

Wedding The SA Irish Ceilidh Band ref: 4130.1

Petersfield, Hampshire, GU32 2HG, Hampshire

  Petersfield as some splendid old houses in Sheep Street, Dragon Street and College Street, and an attractive bow-windowed inn. Stoner Hill, 2 miles north on the Alresford road, is well wooded and offers good views over the valley.

Birthday party The SS String Quartet ref: 2771.1

Hursley Drive, Fleet, Hampshire.  , GU51 1AS, Hampshire

40th Birthday Party The FL Acoustic Duo ref: 5870

Hayling Island, Hants, PO 11 9TA, Hampshire

the exceptional geological formation divides the tidal waters of Langstone and Chichester Harbours, and is connected to the mainland at Havant by a bridge. The island, 4 miles square, is flat and liable to be very warm in summer, and its splendid stretch of beach makes it a popular holiday centre. There is excellent sailing on the Chichester Harbour side, and sea fishing is popular. An ideal spot for the delete summer barbecue with the The LL Jazz Trio ref: 3742 playing.

Square Tower, Broad Street Portsmouth Hampshire, PO1 2JE, Hampshire

 you wouldn't have thought this was a wedding venue suitable for string quartet, jazz bands and function bands, as it is a military fortification built in 1494, when Henry VII was king. It featured in the English Civil War, and was used for storing gunpowder. It stands at the edge of what is now the town centre overlooking Portsmouth Harbour with the succession of naval vessels, pleasure craft and cross-channel ferries. We have had string quartets playing on board ships at the naval dockyard, and now in the fortifications. Although this is a wedding venue, licensed for civil ceremonies, is used for birthday parties, corporate events and anniversaries.

30th Birthday party The DC Party / Function Band ref: 5624.2

Spit Bank Fort, Solent Solent Forts Port Office, Canalside, Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO1 3FH, Hampshire

 moving on now to even more unusual venue, this is not just a military fort, as the square tower, but is one stuck out in the middle of the sea. Yes, really, right out into the sea. I've sailed past it on numerous occasions. This once again, is used for weddings, birthday parties and the sort of event where you want something really different. It makes it interesting for any music groups were playing their, as they have to be taken out in a small ferry. Not so bad for string quartet, where instruments are small and easy to carry, but it gets more difficult with the harp, which is not only a rather large and heavy instrument to lug around, but is very delicate and extremely valuable. When it gets to jazz bands, function bands or ceilidh bands, like the Scottish ceilidh band here, there's all the heavy PA equipment to lug around, get on board, get off the boat which can be great fun in rough weather and in the dark at the end of the day, it's all worth it for the spectacular location. Just hope that the oil tankers on cruise ships miss you, but then as it has been around since the Napoleonic wars, that's hundred and 50 years or so ago, you quite safe.

50th Birthday Party The CM Scottish Ceilidh Band ref: 6295.1

Ward Room HMS Nelson, Queen Street Portsmouth , PO1 3HH, Hampshire

Wedding The SP Ceilidh/ Barn Dance Band ref: 4560.2


Wedding Drinks Reception Joe - Jazz pianist ref: 3845.1

Royal Maritime Club Queens Street, Portsmouth , PO1 3HS, Hampshire

this has been offering accommodation since 1850, but not the sort of accommodation you would expect now, as it was originally set up as a sailor's home. I suppose they may well have been music in its original usage, as many naval ships had fiddle players to entertain the crew and also provide rhythm to keep them in time when turning the capstan and doing other tasks the needed coordination between the sailors. Everyone's heard of a sailors on pipe, and this was the sort of rhythmical music that would have been played. So you would expect sailors to be digitally good at doing barn dances and ceilidhs, and I'm not sure if I've tested it, although we've done plenty of ceilidhs at naval venues.

Golden Wedding Anniversary  The TT Duo ref: 6351

The Royal Maritime Club 75-80 Queen Street, Portsmouth , PO1 3HS, Hampshire

 but neither of these two events were barn dances, although I do believe that members of this quartet also play folk music

Wedding The BL String Quartet ref: 2389.1

HMS Dragon, HM Naval Base, Portsmouth , PO1 3LJ, Hampshire

 so to continue with the theme, did the naval personnel dance particularly well? Have to ask the leader of this band some time.

Burns Night Supper The RR Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4445

HMS ILLUSTRIOUS, HMNB Portsmouth, Portsmouth, , PO1 3LJ, Hampshire

 this was the last of the invincible class of aircraft carrier. The great thing about aircraft carriers is that, not only is there plenty of room for landing aircraft and helicopters, playing football (so long as you don't kick the ball overboard), and most importantly of all, holding a Scottish Burns night Ceilidh!

Burns Night Ceilidh The SB Scottish Ceilidh / Country Dance Band ref: 4560.1

Emsworth Community Centre North Street, Emsworth, Hampshire , PO10 7DD, Hampshire

 this is a very active community centre, being used for all sorts of things, not just weddings birthdays and anniversaries, but at classes, computer education, fitness and so what. Sounds a great place

Wedding of Alastair and Hannah The TS Barn Dance/Ceilidh Band ref: 6100.2

40th Wedding Aniversary The SM Barn Dance/ Ceilidh Band ref: 4444

Emsworth Sailing Club 55 Bath Rd, Emsworth , PO10 7ES, Hampshire

this is sailing club for dinghy sailing. A great way to spend one's time, and in many ways much more exciting than larger yachts sailing. What you get et cetera club are a lot of very fit people, which makes it great if they holding a barn dance or ceilidh at the club. You know they going to be energetic, do all the dancers, and keep going full of energy all night. Not only does that make it great fun for the dancers, but it makes it fun for the band and makes them rise to the occasion to play beyond their very best. Both my sons were keen dinghy sailors, but on rivers rather than on the sea, as we are well inland. The lack of manoeuvring space and the need for constant and fast and accurate tacking means that river sailors are very competitive on tight courses, and can scare the living daylights out of C sailors, who are used to missing each other by a few feet rather than by a couple of inches. And had a musical note to this rambling, I recall when I and a friend called in at our sailing club for a quick sale between an afternoon string quartet booking at a wedding, and our evening performances a ceilidh band, dressed in dinner jacket and evening dress respectively. We were certainly the classiest sailors on that day.

Burns Night Ceilidh  The KF Ceilidh Band ref: 4441

Thorney Island Sailing Club Baker Barracks Emsworth Hants , PO10 8DH, Hampshire

this club has long history, having its first sailing season in 1946

Wedding The CN Scottish Ceilidh Band ref: 4409

St Mary's church hall, Hayling Island, Hampshire, PO11 9HP, Hampshire

 next to the rather unusual and very attractive church, with unusually short, slim but elegant spire placed on the central square tower.

30th Birthday party The FD Ceilidh/ Barndance Band ref: 6609

Masonic Hall Clarence Road, Gosport, PO12 1BB, Hampshire

 hosting everything from dinner dances to wedding receptions, birthdays and corporate events, venue has a spacious and formal main room.

Barn Dance The KF Ceilidh Band ref: 4441

Solent Forts, The Departure Lounge, The Flour Mill, Royal Clarence Yard, Weevil Lane, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 1DR, Hampshire

 Wedding The NJS Jazz Quartet ref: 6179.1

Institute of Naval Medicine, Crescent Road, Alverstoke, Hampshire  , PO12 2DL, Hampshire

 founded relatively recently in 1969 it offers specialist medical training and research laboratories. It's good that they appreciate that some of the best medicine is music, in particular the exercise and communal spirit have a good ceilidh.

Burns Night Mess Dinner The RR Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4445

Alverstoke Club, Gosport Hampshire. Alverstoke Tennis Club, Gosport.Alverstoke Tennis Club, Gosport  , PO12 2ES, Hampshire

 and here's another example of music, barn dances and ceilidhs and fitness going together. A barn dance is much more fun than going to the gym, and instead of dancing around a tennis court, they spent the evening dancing around the hall to this band:

Social The BL Barn Dance / Ceilidh Band ref: 4319

The Alverbank Hotel Stokes Bay Road, Gosport , PO12 2NW, Hampshire


Wedding - Daniel and Lucy The ST Jazz Trio ref: 3711.2

Alverbank Hotel Stokes Bay Road, Gosport, Hampshire , PO12 2QT, Hampshire

 a white painted, many faceted building sporting exceptionally tall chimneys, the original house was built in 1842, playing host to people such as the Duke of Wellington, Robert Peel (Prime Minister), and its main room with enormous fireplace is a fitting setting setting for a Burns night celebration.

Burn's Night Dinner  The RR Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4445

Explosion MuseumPriddy's Hard Gosport, PO12 4LE, Hampshire

 I suppose I have no option but to say that any barn dance held here will go with a bang! I'm really sorry about that.

Wedding Reception for Heather & Stuart The ML Ceilidh/ Barn Dance Band ref: 4375.2

HMS Collingwood Fareham, Hampshire , PO14 1AS, Hampshire

 this is possibly the biggest the Royal Navy's training centres specialising in maritime warfare, weapon engineering sea survival and many other skills. So there would be a wide variety of people of different disciplines and ages, so perhaps the decision to hire this ceilidh band was away get everybody to interact. Certainly, many schools and other education centres will hire a barn dance band or ceilidh band, the specific intention of creating a bonding celebration.

Burns Night Mess Dinner The KF Ceilidh Band ref: 4441

Crofton Hall, Stubbington Lane, Stubbington, Fareham, , PO14 2PP, Hampshire

 though this is a low unimposing building, it plays an active and vital part in the local community and is a great place to hire for all sorts of events

60th birthday The AJ Jazz Band ref: 3921.1

The Solent Hotel, Rookery Avenue, Whiteley PO15 7AJ , PO15 7AJ, Hampshire

 looking a venue like this is only part of organising a birthday party, the other part being to discover how to book a ceilidh band. This is where Midsummer Music's services do their best to help

My 70th birthday party (Margaret) The RG Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4342

Fareham Community Church, The King's Centre, 171-173 West Street, Fareham, Hants, , PO16 0EF, Hampshire

  A residential town and shopping centre for Portsmouth commuters, but preserving some Georgian dwellings as an indication of its past. At the waterside a few small ships brave the passage up from Portsmouth Harbour. I've personally driven past the centre on many occasions, as although I don't live in this part of the country my sister-in-law did for many years.

40th Wedding Anniversary The RR Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4445