Bands Hired for venues around Hook and Winchester Hampshire

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Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire, Chalky Lane, Hook, Hampshire, , RG27 8TD, Hampshire

 the lake at this venue is reminiscent of the lake and back of Eastnor Castle, in Herefordshire, where others of our musicians have played for weddings and corporate events. Being a historic Georgian manor house, in its earlier incarnations it would have had chamber groups, perhaps string quartets but quite likely chamber orchestras, playing for the entertainment of the family and their guests, whilst the family themselves would have probably entertained themselves singing around the piano. No television and plenty of money, what else would people do but enjoy music. I often wonder whether such buildings just happened to be acoustically good for music, whether because live music was so important in those days, the rooms were built with live music in mind. They can perhaps be a bit echoey for the modern ceilidh or barn dance band or jazz band who use amplification, but in the original form of the band where amplification was unnecessary because the band typically had eight or 10 musicians, the acoustics would have been perfect for an evening of Playford dancing.

Wedding The WQ String Quartet ref: 6092

Tylney Hall, Rotherwick,  Hook, Hampshire. , RG27 9AZ, Hampshire

there are certainly a lot of magnificent buildings and gardens in this neck of the woods. This is yet another grade 2 listed building, with magnificent gardens that this string quartet will have played in during the drinks reception, and magnificent rooms with excellent acoustics for the wedding breakfast. I can't remember offhand whether the quartet played for the wedding ceremony.

Wedding The AM String Quartet ref: 2008

Clock Barn, Tufton Warren, Whitchurch, Hampshire, , RG28 7RH, Hampshire

this is a particularly large and spacious barn, the sort of place that would easily host a large ceilidh or barn dance, but on this occasion the string quartet who are playing for the wedding. Barns, like stately homes, generally have good acoustics for unamplified music, so the string quartet could make themselves heard quite easily.

Wedding The BL String Quartet ref: 2389.1

Marquee next to village hall  in Greywell, Hook Hampshire. , RG29 1BZ, Hampshire

Wedding The CF Ceilidh Band ref: 4085

Elmers Court HotelSouth Baddesley Road Lymington Hampshire, S041 5ZB, Hampshire

An ancient town on the Lymington River, which has become a popular yachting centre, with a year-old the street leading down to the harbour, a railway station on the other side of the basin, so that awkward to get to, and a sensible Main Street plenty of coffee shops. Its tidal harbour is usually crammed to capacity with yachts. Each Saturday a market is held along the main street. Lymington has a sports ground and a large open-air swimming pool (which looks lovely, but a bit cold when I last walked past it in early October). Pier Station is the departure point for car ferries to the Isle of Wight. Being a yachting centre, is always a lot going on, and often there are events of all kinds requiring a jazz band or barn dance band.

Christening The SW Jazz Trio ref: 3580.1

Carey's Manor Hotel, Brockenhurst, New Forest, Hampshire, , S042 7RH, Hampshire

  A popular residential village, with a ford in the main street. The church is typical of the area, built on a mound in a mixture of Norman and Early English styles. A yew tree in the churchyard is said to be more than a thousand years old. On the outskirts of the village is a large hotel, the Balmer Lawn, where forest ponies approach close. Brockenhurst Manor Golf Club has one of the most beautiful heathland courses in Britain.


And my eldest son was married in the new Forest, (I played my violin the ceremony), between ceremony and reception we went into the forest search for ponies and take some scenic photographs. I wonder if new Forest ponies featured in any way and the barn dance at this wedding?

Wedding Reception The SM Barn Dance/ Ceilidh Band ref: 4444

The Royal Southampton Yacht Club, 1 Channel Way, Ocean Village, Southampton, , SO14 3QF, Hampshire

located within Ocean Village, with its shops, restaurants and entertainment venues, this is the home of oceangoing sailor's. The club was given a Royal Charter in 1875, will have seen a change of the musical style of grand entertainment in the late 1800s the soul and Motown Jazz band of the present day.

Wedding Reception The SF Soul/ Motown Jazz Band ref: 3871.1


The Grand Harbour Hotel West Quay Road, Southampton , SO15 1AG, Hampshire

there are many events that celebrate the sinking of the Titanic, (it's a very British thing to celebrate disasters and often ignore successes, isn't it). Of course, the Titanic was a music venue par excellence. Live music in those days was much more pervasive than now, as recorded music and sound systems were in their infancy. Also it was a floating venue for the rich (until it sank). I wonder if the musicians of the string quartet felt as I did when I played some years ago at a different venue, for a Titanic commemoration?

If you've ever seen the film, Titanic, you may recall that there was a string trio I think it was rather than string quartet, but as the ship sank they continued playing music, until the musicians started to slide down the deck, at which point they shook hands and drowned. I was very tempted to wear a life jacket the performance, but probably that wouldn't have gone down so well, or at least not as well as the ship itself when down.

Gala Dinner (British Titanic Society) The TC String Quartet ref: 2925



Southampton, SO15 1AR, Hampshire

Schools event The FT String Quartet ref: 6610

Chilworth, Southampton, United Kingdom , SO16 3RB, Hampshire

Wedding The String Quartet ref: 6515

Wedding The SH Irish Ceilidh Band ref: 4490.1

Highfield Church Centre, Highfield, Southampton, , SO17  1RL, Hampshire

the church itself is a large, steeple stone built church. The centre itself has a wooden floor ideal for ceilidhs and barn dances, which certainly used to have tennis or badminton court laid out on it, which is always useful for the dancers to align themselves when the caller tells them to get into long sets. Perhaps they ought to paint concentric circles on the floor as well, so that the circle dances, the bands caller can tell them to align themselves with the circle. It's amazing what strange shapes you get when you ask people to form themselves into a circle!

50th birthday party The RR Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4445

Building 38, Highfield Campus, University of Southampton, Hampshire, SO17 1BJ, Hampshire

one of the well-established and respected universities in the UK, barn dances and ceilidhs involving students are always great fun, because they're so energetic. (Hopefully energy is because they are young and fit and not because they laze around doing very little work. No, I'm not being critical, I'm just remembering back to my own university days.)

St David’s Day Party The RR Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4445

Wedding reception The RR Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4445

Wedding The FT String Quartet ref: 6610

Wedding The RR Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4445

this clearly is a major wedding venue in the area.

Highfield Church, Highfield Lane, Southampton, , SO17 1RL, Hampshire

this, being Southampton, is closely linked to the sea and to sailing, so even musical events like barn dances have maritime connections

Fundraiser Ceilidh for Atlantic Challenge GB The CW Ceilidh/ Barndance Band ref: 4987.3

Avenue Hall, Avenue St Andrew's united Reformed Church The Avenue Southampton, SO17 1XQ, Hampshire

18th birthday party The WS Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4343

St Denys Church Hall , Dundee Road, St Denys, Southampton , , SO17 2ND, Hampshire

Fundraising dance The WS Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4343

Chilbolton, Stockbridge, Hampshire , SO20 6BQ, Hampshire

 Birthday The FSI String Quartet ref: 2642

Broughton Village Hall,High Street, Broughton, Hampshire, SO20 8AX, Hampshire

a village hall and delightful surroundings, between the two mediaeval cities of Salisbury and Winchester, with Andover and Romilly to North and South.

Wedding The RR Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4445

Avington Park, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 1DB, Hampshire

yet another magnificent mansion, where music would have been an integral part of the life of the family, which began with Edmund Clerke, who got it as a present from King Henry VIII himself (who was a talented musician and composer, some of whose music I have played). It passed through various owners, including the Duke of Chandos, (there is a musical connection here. There is a Symphony Orchestra based in great Malvern, Worcestershire, called the chandos Symphony Orchestra, which I've played in on many occasions). So the string Duo the plate for this wedding ceremony and wedding reception would have felt completely at home here.

Wedding The SS String Duo ref: 2771.3

The Chestnut Horse, Easton Winchester Hampshire , SO21 1EG, Hampshire

Wedding reception The WP Rock & Roll Party Band ref: 5957.1

Marquee, St Swithun's School, Alresford Road Winchester, SO21 1HA, Hampshire

marquee is always great for ceilidhs and barn dances, so long as the floor is reasonably smooth and level and the matting has been pegged and probably. Here there is no problem, as the grounds are well attended, but when you get this sort of event in a marquee on the farm, it can sometimes be "interesting"

St Swithuns School PTA Barn Dance The RR Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4445

Otterbourne, Hants, SO21 2ED, Hampshire

wedding The PG Jazz Duo ref: 6619.2

Otterbourne Village Hall, Cranbourne Drive, Otterbourne, Winchester,, SO21 2ET, Hampshire

this is a wall and a half. Most village halls have one main room which hosts the meal and the dancing. This village hall has three rooms or suites. The first in old up to 50 people, the next has a capacity of 240 people the concerts and a hundred and 50 people for dancing to a jazz band or barn dance band, and then yet another room which can hold up to 80 people. Do they ever have all three rooms hosting independent musical events at the same time? I just wonder, as there is hotel near to where I live that hosts up to 4 weddings simultaneously. When I've played there with my string quartet or ceilidh band, you can sometimes hear other events going on, and if you go out the part of the building that you performing in, you can bump into a number of ladies in white dresses who have nothing to do with the wedding that you're performing at. It can be all very confusing.

day party barn dance The CW Ceilidh/ Barndance Band ref: 4987.2

Lainston House Hotel, Sparsholt, Winchester, Hampshire. , SO21 2LT, Hampshire

our ceilidh band was playing for the evening entertainment at this wedding, but the venue regularly hosts birthdays, christening's anniversaries and family gatherings as well. The barn room is large and open and ideal for this sort of dance.

Wedding The RR Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4445

and here's another time, with the same band playing for another wedding. It can be useful for band to be familiar with the venue, but all bands on our website a very experienced and can set up and make the best use of any venue in no time at all.

Wedding The RR Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4445

and here we have a string quartet playing for the wedding ceremony, the drinks reception and the wedding breakfast. If you're going to hire a string quartet, is most cost-effective to get them to play for all three parts of your wedding day, as they charge a minimum amount going out on that day and it is relatively less expensive per hour thereafter. So is always satisfying to get the best value, and of course for you and your guests you can get wall-to-wall music which is a great enhancement for any kind of special event, not just weddings.

Wedding The FS String Quartet ref: 6591

Manor Lodge, Crawley, Winchester, Hampshire, , SO21 2PL, Hampshire

Wedding The LY Barn Dance /Ceilidh Band ref: 4326.1

Overton Road, Micheldever Station , SO21 3AN, Hampshire

 Wedding Celebration The CW Ceilidh/ Barndance Band ref: 4987.3

Victoria Hall, Oxford Road, Sutton Scotney, Hampshire. , SO21 3JG, Hampshire

the hall looks a little like a church, with a tower with clock and wind vane at one end, a very active village hall

40th birthday The CW Ceilidh/ Barndance Band ref: 4987.1

Upper Cranbourne, Sutton Scotney,  , SO21 3QD, Hampshire


Birthday The LL Jazz Trio ref: 3742

Winchester, SO22 4BT, Hampshire

Saxon England's capital. The   centre   of  Hampshire   in   every   way   is Winchester, for centuries the capital of Saxon and Norman Kings of England and still a city of history and charm, dominated by its long, grey-backed cathedral. Even when the Normans finally moved their capital to London, Parliament continued to meet often at Winchester and in 1485, Henry VII had his first son christened in the cathedral.

Long before King Alfred, whose statue today dominates the city's Broadway, made his capital at Winchester, the site on the downs on the west bank of the River Itchen was an important Belgic settlement. Under the Romans, Venta Belgarum became the fifth-largest city in Britain, and parts of the medieval city walls are of Roman origin.

The building of Winchester Cathedral was begun in 1079 on a sitc adjacent to that of an earlier Saxon church. Consecration took place in 1093, and extensions continued until about 1525. At 556 ft it is one of the longest cathedrals in Europe. Its design blends several styles, from the Norman transepts to the huge Perpendicular nave, transformed from its Norman original under Bishop William of Wykeham. Throughout the Middle Ages, Winchester and St Swithin's Shrine in its cathedral formed an important centre for pilgrims from the Continent on their way to Becket's Shrine in Canterbury.

The cathedral's treasures include no fewer than seven elaborately carved chantry chapels, endowed for the singing of special masses; mortuary chests enclosing the bones of ancient kings; medieval wall-paintings; stained glass; and a square 12th-century black marble font with carved scenes from the life of St Nicholas. The cathedral library contains a loth-century copy of Bede's Ecclesiastical History and the rath-century Winchester Bible. Music has always been an important part of religious ceremonies, starting with vocal music, extending to the organ, with church bands made up of fiddles and cellos typical in the Thomas Hardy period (Hardy was a musician himself and collected traditional music), right up to today where church bands can be full-blown rock bands, and churches themselves are amongst the few remaining public music venues.

The grandeur of the cathedral is enhanced by the spacious lawns which set it well apart from the remainder of the city. In the cathedral Close are a deanery dating back to the i3th century, a Pilgrim's Hall, where pilgrims lodged in the Middle Ages on their way to Canterbury, and the half-timbered Cheyne Court, a Tudor building partly set into the medieval city walls.

Winchester is rich in architecture from every period after the I3th century, and particularly in Queen Anne and Georgian buildings. The River Itchen flows swiftly through the city, fringed by attractive riverside walks and gardens, and the sight and sound of gaily running water is never far distant. Separated from the river by part of the old city walls are the remains of Wolvesey Castle, the former Bishop's residence, which stand next to the present partly 17th-century Bishop's Palace. South of the castle is Winchester College, founded by Bishop William of Wykeham in 1382 and one of the oldest public schools in the country.

Two of the five original gates into the city survive. Westgate, once used as a prison, is now a museum; near it stands the Castle Hall, a relic of the former Norman castle on the site, in which hangs a representation of the Round Table of King Arthur's

Wedding - The WS Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4343

St Peter's Catholic Primary School Oliver's Battery Rd North, Winchester , SO22 4JB, Hampshire

50th Birthday - The RR Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4445

St James Lane, Winchester, Hampshire , SO22 4NX, Hampshire

60th Birthday Party  The NJS Jazz Trio ref: 6179.2

Church of St John the Baptist, St John's Street, Winchester. , SO23 0HF, Hampshire

Wedding The TC String Quartet ref: 2925

Winchester Baptist Church, Swan Lane, Winchester , SO23 7AA, Hampshire

the churches in one of those imposing buildings the front directly onto the street with Windows to make it feel that it is looking at, or through you. A great place for a ceilidh.

Church get together - Ceilidh/Barndance The SM Barn Dance/ Ceilidh Band ref: 4444

The Winchester Hotel, Worthy Lane Winchester Hants, SO23 7AB, Hampshire

 a modern hotel with elegant spa pools and indoor palm trees. The pool isn't where the covers band performed, fortunately, but I do remember playing with my string quartet in a swimming pool building. It was totally ridiculous, not because we were playing by the side of the pool, but because the building was so resonant it sounded as if there were three or four customers playing in different parts of the room and knotting in total time with each other. Don't play string quartets in an indoor swimming pool!

50th and 60th birthday party The CM Covers Band ref: 6237


Winchester, SO23 7BT, Hampshire

Jazz bands and jazz trios are particularly good for playing at fetes, because the instruments they use tend to produce a lot of volume. Folk bands are okay as well, but in either case the event organiser have to provide a large gazebo or some other cover to go over the band's equipment, just in case it rains, not that it would ever do that on a good old British fete. 

fete The TS Jazz Trio ref: 6277

Wedding The CW String Ensemble ref: 2027.2

Wedding The DV String Quartet ref: 2032

The King Charles Hall, Guildhall Winchester, The Broadway, Winchester, Hampshire. , SO23 9GH, Hampshire


Wedding ceremony/reception The SS String Quartet ref: 2771.1

The River Cottage Canteen Winchester Abbey Mill Gardens, The Broadway, Winchester , SO23 9GH, Hampshire

this is not a fine building with a main room with high ceiling, beautiful windows along one side and even a balconied gallery, minstrel's gallery. I don't know and whether string quartets ever play from the gallery, but it will be rather fine. On both these occasions entertainment was provided by a ceilidh band, in one case a traditional Scottish band.

Wedding - The CM Ceilidh Band ref: 6596

Winchester GuildhallThe Broadway Winchester Hampshire , SO23 9GH, Hampshire

Wedding - The CN Scottish Ceilidh Band ref: 4409

Winchester College, New Hall New Hall, College Walk, Winchester, , SO23 9JP, Hampshire

 new Hall at Winchester College, is a major music venue hosting symphony orchestras Winchester College Chapel choir and many other musical events. It can be laid out as a concert hall with raked seating, which folds away to leave enormous dance venue.

Music Summer School evening activity  The RR Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4445

Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 9LH, Hampshire

wedding The CW Ceilidh/ Barndance Band ref: 4987.2

Mercure Winchester Wessex Hotel, Paternoster Row, Winchester, SO23 9LQ, Hampshire

Wedding The RT Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4687.1

Winchester Cathedral Refectory, 9 The Close, Winchester , SO23 9LS, Hampshire

The Cathedral Refectory something unexpected, sheltered behind an ancient flint wall opposite the Cathedral. Its award-winning contemporary design, large terrace with Cathedral views and pretty walled garden make it a great place to meet friends for a coffee, lunch or afternoon tea. In the evenings it turns into a venue that can host balls, parties and other events

Doctors summer ball  The LY Barn Dance /Ceilidh Band ref: 4326.1

Wedding The FT Irish Ceilidh Band ref: 6191

Christ Church, Christchurch Road Winchester, SO23 9SR, Hampshire

Behind Christchurch Quay stands the splendid priory church, its structure a blend of styles from Saxon times to the Renaissance. Its choir stalls are older than those in Westminster Abbey, and there is a monument to the poet Shelley. The town has the remains of a Norman house and castle, and the Red House Museum contains exhibits drawn from the geology and wildlife of the area. A 2-mile walk towards Bournemouth leads to Hengistbury Head, an observation point for bird migrations.

Church Social The RR Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4445

Old Alresford Place, Old Alresford, Alresford, Hants , SO24 9DY, Hampshire

although this conference and training centre, is also used for weddings and other events such as birthdays. Being a large venue it has plenty of room music and dancing

Old Alresford is a small village on one side of the River Alre, a tributary of the Itchen. It has an iSth-century red-brick church in which is buried Admiral Rodney, who defeated the Spanish off Cape St Vincent in 1780 and the French off Dominica in 1782. New Alresford lies i mile south, on the opposite bank

70th birthday party  The AB English Barn Dance Band & Playford Band ref: 4320

Alresford Hampshire, SO24 9TA, Hampshire

What is Alsford famous for? Is the watercress festival, where stalls line the main street.

Wedding Harp - Audrey ref: 2072

In a fixed venue marquee with a built in stage, Steeple Court Manor, Church Lane Botley Hants, SO30 2EQ, Hampshire

this is just a wedding venue, it a vineyard as well, originally given to Rafter Mortimer by William the Conqueror. Estate from Elizabethan times in some parts as early as the 15th century.

Wedding The SM Barn Dance/ Ceilidh Band ref: 4444

Brook House Country Club Ltd Brook Lane Botley Hampshire , SO30 2ER, Hampshire

 This village, high up the navigable part of the River Hamble, has a reputation for locally grown strawberries. There are old houses on a wide main street, and a memorial to William Cobbett, the 19th-century author of Rural Rides.


Burns Dinner Dance The RR Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4445

botley grange hotel, botley, southampton. , SO30 2GA, Hampshire


Wedding The CE String Quartet ref: 2027.1

Oaklands Care Home Allington Lane, Southampton, SO30 3HP, Hampshire


Afternoon Tea Event Pianist - Alan ref: 2623

Prince Consort Pub Victoria Rd Netley Abbey Southampton , SO31 5DQ, Hampshire

The foremost passenger port for ships in Britain. It has an important modern university, the original buildings of which are literally 'red brick', and a great wealth of historic monuments, sites and remains. Although much damaged by bombing in the Second World Wrar, the ramparts and medieval houses down by the Royal Pier are intact.

A worthwhile walk (best in the early evening) is along the ancient city walls, which bear many plaques and legends of historic events. The city is rich in seafaring history: armies sailed from here during the Hundred Years' War and the Pilgrim Fathers stopped here on the way from Boston in Lincolnshire to Plymouth, before setting sail for America. Southampton is a fine mixture of the old and the new, and has more than i ooo acres of open spaces, including parks, rock gardens and riverside walks.

Southampton Water provides a splendid, ever-shifting scene of shipping, ranging from the elegance of liners to bulky oil tankers. Ferries run from the Royal Pier in Southampton to Cowes, a journey of 55 minutes, and a pageant of ships can be seen on The Solent which, because of the'burfer' made by the Isle of Wight, has four high tides a day.

Pub Music Evening Country & Western Singer Dave ref: 4869

Hound Parish Hall, Woolston rd, Butlocks Heath, Southampton , SO31 5FR, Hampshire

Village Hall Ceilidh The SM Barn Dance/ Ceilidh Band ref: 4444

Heritage Centre, Royal Victoria Country Park, Netley Abbey, Southamnpton.  , SO31 5GA, Hampshire

Wedding The SM Barn Dance/ Ceilidh Band ref: 4444

Sarisbury Green Parish Rooms, 217 Barnes Lane, Sarisbury Green. , SO31 7BH, Hampshire


50th Birthday Party The SM Barn Dance/ Ceilidh Band ref: 4444